DME Sports Academy hosts SIAA Final Four 2018

The top four SIAA teams for girls and boys suited up in Daytona Beach, Florida for the SIAA Championship, hosted by DME Sports Academy. The girl teams in the tournament were West Oaks, DME, PottersHouse, and The Rock. The boy teams were DME HS National, Victory Rock, The Rock, and West Oaks.

The first day consisted of four semi-final games. First on the court were West Oaks Girls vs The Rock. The Rock trailed the whole game, finishing the first half 19-40. West Oaks came out the second half to seal the deal, finishing the game 64-41.

Next game, DME Girls suited up to defend their home court against PotterHouse.

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By the end of the first half, DME created a 17 point lead to end the half 30-13.

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DME came out with a point to prove for the second half, creating the lead to 33 points. DME finished the game with the score of 80-47.

The boys followed behind the girls playing, with West Oaks Boys and The Rock taking the court first. West Oaks played well the first half creating a lead of 6 points over The Rock, 34-28. The Rock came out the second half ready to play, taking the lead away from West Oaks on a 6-0 run in the last ten minutes of the game. The Rock finished on top 75-61.

Last game of the Final Four consisted of DME High School National vs. Victory Rock. Victory Rock led most of the game, finishing the first half 41-21. DME HS National came out the second half cutting the lead down to 4 points but didn’t have enough to retain it. Victory Rock finished on top 72-63.

On Saturday morning, all the teams gathered at the SIAA Banquet to look at all the accomplishments of the year.

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Coach Michael Panaggio and Coach Dan Mondragon were named SIAA Coach of the Year. DME Girls Junior Alexis Duckett was named Player of the Year.

The SIAA Championship games started at 4:30 pm. West Oaks Girls and DME suited up to play for the trophy. With the score close the whole game, DME Girls trailed by four at the end of the first half 34-38. With the game coming down to the last three minutes, West Oaks closed out a win 63-55 over DME.

Next, Victory Rock took on The Rock School for the SIAA Boys championship. The Rock led the first half, finishing out 44-32. The Rock took home the SIAA trophy, concluding the game 73-59.