This season, the DME 18-1 Volleyball team is serving up success both on and off the court! A remarkable 10 out of 12 graduating players have committed to playing volleyball at the collegiate level. This achievement is a testament to the combined efforts of the coaching staff, who develop each player’s talent, and the dedication of these young ladies. 

We’re also thrilled to announce that two seniors from the 17-1 club team have secured college volleyball commitments as well. The entire DME community is bursting with pride to see all of these talented athletes reach their dreams of playing collegiate volleyball. 

Congratulations to the following DME 18-1 & 17-1 players on their college commitments!

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A New Chapter in DME History

Earlier this month, The DME Boys Basketball team embarked on an european expedition to Cholet, France, marking their first foreign tour to compete against international teams. But this trip wasn’t merely about basketball, it was a chance for the team to experience a completely new culture, play under new rules and compete against some of the best teams in France and Europe. 

The Games Begin

After a grueling 24-hour voyage, the team arrived in Cholet, France. Their inaugural friendly took place in a packed arena in Salle de l’Arceau located about 3 hours south west of Paris where they were able to secure a 100-90 victory despite making the adjustment to FIBA rules. 

Culture and Community Engagement

The next day before their second game, the boys seized the opportunity to explore the streets of Paris, climbing the Eiffel Tower and of course enjoying the french bread and other local cuisine. The team then hosted a basketball camp for over 50 local youngsters in Cholet, fostering skill development and camaraderie. The team also visited a nearby elementary school and shared laughs and took questions while assisting the students with their English. 

Tournament Play and Individual Highlights

Jaylen Robinson shined during tournament play and delivered a jaw-dropping 40-point performance in the game against Polaris Prep out of Canada, and he also earned a spot into the finals of the dunk contest. Matas Buteliauskas also competed in the skills and showcase and was able to secure runner up in the three point contest while Yamar’e Bell won the skills challenge. 

A Trip Of A Lifetime

Beyond the scoreboard, this trip nurtured team cohesion, broadened the boys cultural horizons and left a lasting imprint on the communities they encountered. As the boys returned home we were thrilled to hear about how impactful this trip was for the coaching staff, players and our partners in France. To learn more about DME Academy’s prestigious men’s basketball program and how you can be apart of the legacy we are building here in Daytona, Florida and abroad, click here

Daytona, Florida – Every year, the nation is gripped by the thrill and unpredictability of one of the world’s most exhilarating sporting events. March Madness lives up to its name, capturing the essence of fan enthusiasm with bracket challenges, surprise outcomes, and remarkable performances. Amidst this excitement, the spotlight on women’s athletics grows ever brighter, heralding a new era led by Caitlin Clark, poised to redefine the boundaries in sports by bridging the gap between men’s and women’s basketball—and beyond.

This year’s Women’s National Championship between South Carolina and the Iowa Hawkeyes not only promised to challenge viewership records previously set by Caitlin Clark (holding both #1 & #2)  but also showcased the breadth of talent across women’s college basketball. With Clark at the helm, the semi-final and the monumental clash against UCONN drew 14.2 millions viewers – cementing her status as a generational talent.

Caitlin Clark, undoubtedly is set to don an Indiana Fever WNBA jersey as next year’s top draft pick and has left an indelible mark on this year’s tournament and the broader landscape of collegiate women’s sports. Her impact was acknowledged by none other than coach Dawn Staley from the opposing bench, who praised her from the championship podium. “I want to personally thank Caitlin Clark for elevating our sport,” Staley said, also calling Clark “one of the GOATs of our game.”

Yet, amidst the stars of the game, Chloe Kitts, emerging from DME Academy, is proving herself a rising star. Last season, Kitts was used sparingly, yet she frequently showcased her potential. This year, she has emerged as a key player for the Gamecocks during crucial moments. Starting in the championship game, Kitts was pivotal in her team’s strategy to contain Clark and the Hawkeyes, contributing significantly to the defensive effort that set the tone for the game.

Finishing with an impressive double-double of 11 points and 10 rebounds, Kitts’ performance was a testament to her growth, hard work, self-belief, and resilience. At DME Academy, we are proud to have been part of her journey and are excited for what players like Caitlin and Chloe will continue to contribute to women’s sports globally. Chloe Kitts’ transformation from a DME Academy alumna to a pivotal player in winning a national championship showcases the dedication and excellence we cultivate at DME Academy.

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It’s been quite the season for Chloe Kitts and Dominika Paurova, both coming out of the DME Academy Girls Basketball Program. Their journeys from academy prospects to key players in their respective college teams have been inspiring to say the least. And with their critical Sweet Sixteen games happening on Friday, the possibility of a DME Alumna Elite Eight showdown between Kitts and Paurova grows ever more exciting. 

Chloe Kitts, now a pivotal player for South Carolina, has seen a dramatic transformation in her game. She’s not only the team’s second-leading scorer so far in the tournament- but also boasts an impressive field goal percentage of 92.86% thus far. Kitts in the opening round had a standout performance against Presbyterian, where she achieved a double-double with 21 points—going perfect from the field—and securing 13 rebounds.

On the other side, Dominika Paurova up against Eastern Washington in the first round notched a career-high of 17 points, showcasing her skill set in front of her family for the first time in her college career. Paurova also proved vital for the Beavers in closing out their second round victory over the pesky Nebraska Cornhuskers by hitting a crucial 3-pointer. The prospect of Kitts and Paurova facing off is a thrilling scenario for all at the DME Academy. We’re incredibly proud of Chloe and Dominika’s journeys and achievements in the NCAA tournament. Their hard work and dedication inspire us all. For any young female athletes inspired to elevate their game, know that your journey to excellence begins here at DME Academy. Click here to learn more about how we can help shape your path to greatness.

Daytona, Fla. (Mar. 26, 2024) -After a challenging two weeks, the Boys National Basketball team concluded their journey at the Grind Session World Championship. Kicking off in Las Vegas, they quickly made their mark with early wins, notably against Winston-Salem Christian National, edging them out 72-68. This season, the team notched over 25 wins for the second consecutive year, highlighting the program’s growth and its success in securing back-to-back winning seasons against top national teams.

Transitioning to Chicago for the semifinals, the Boys National squad faced Dream City Christian. Despite a hard-fought battle, DME would lose to Dream City, with the final score reading 54-72.

Throughout the tournament, DME Academy’s players showcased exceptional skill and dedication. Savo Drezgic’s performance in the semifinals was particularly noteworthy, with a stat line of 19 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals, highlighting his pivotal role in the team’s efforts. Moustapha Thiam’s contributions during their tournament run was also notable, where he averaged 23.5 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 blocks per game, demonstrating his significant impact on both ends of the court.

The team’s collective achievements received well-deserved recognition. Jaylen Robinson and Savo Drezgic were named to the All-Grind Session Team, a testament to their outstanding performances throughout the tournament. Moustapha Thiam was honored with a spot on the All-Defensive Team, emphasizing his defensive prowess. 

Additionally, Babatunde Durodola and Savo Drezgic’s skills were acknowledged on an international scale, with both players earning spots among the Top 5 International Players “FIBA 5,” highlighting their global impact.

Despite the conclusion of their journey in the semifinals, DME Academy’s campaign in the Grind Session World Championships was characterized by teamwork, grit and standout individual performances, and camaraderie that navigated the challenges of a highly competitive tournament. Their efforts not only showcased the depth of talent within the team but also set a solid foundation for future successes.

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As March Madness grips basketball fans across the country, it’s a moment of pride for us at DME Academy to watch our alumni compete at the collegiate level. This year, we’re thrilled to see our men and women making waves in the NCAA Tournament, affirming our dedication to comprehensive development that mirrors the intensity of college-level competition.

DME Alumni in the NCAA Tournament:

At DME Academy, we prepare student-athletes for the academic rigor and athletic demands of collegiate programs. Our academy is built on the pillars of academic excellence, personal growth, and athletic competitiveness, fostering resilience and ambition in our students.

Seeing our alums excel in the NCAA Tournament spotlights the powerful blend of community support, expert coaching, and educational guidance they embraced at DME Academy. Their achievements underscore our unwavering dedication to fostering the growth of every student-athlete, propelling them toward success in athletics and life beyond. 

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Finding the right summer sports camp is crucial to your child’s athletic and personal development. At DME Academy, our programs are specifically designed to nurture each athlete’s potential, providing a comprehensive and enriching experience that extends beyond just sports training.

At DME Academy, we recognize the unique goals and interests of each young athlete. Our camp offerings span various sports, including basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and more. Tailored to meet athletes at every level, from beginners to advanced competitors, our camps ensure focused attention and skill development for everyone.

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Expert Coaching and World-Class Facilities

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Beyond the Field

We believe in the power of sports to teach valuable life lessons. Our camps emphasize values like resilience, leadership, and teamwork, creating a nurturing atmosphere for athletes to develop not just physically but also as well-rounded individuals. This approach helps participants to build character, forge lasting friendships, and become part of a supportive community.

The Benefits of Joining a DME Summer Prep Camp:

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Daytona, Florida (March 11th, 2024) – In collaboration with the International Development Academy, Adrian Biaggi, a standout from the inaugural soccer class at DME Academy, was named captain of Puerto Rico’s U20 men’s soccer team.

Starting his journey at DME Academy in his senior year from Puerto Rico without prior exposure or offers, Adrian quickly made the most of his opportunity in Daytona. His strong leadership and performance earned him the title of captain. His efforts led to standout performances in front of more than 30 college coaches, securing four NCAA Division 1 and several Division 2 scholarship offers.

After joining the Dayton University men’s team, Adrian’s soccer career continued to flourish, eventually earning him a call-up to the national team. It was here, with Puerto Rico’s U20 team, that his leadership and skill truly shone. During the CONCACAF U20 Championship Tournament he scored within the first 5 minutes against St. Kitts and Nevis in his national team debut, setting the tone for a resounding 5-0 victory.

The team’s journey through Group E faced challenges, including tough matches against the Cayman Islands and Haiti, both ending in 1-1 ties. Despite an early exit from the tournament, Adrian’s future is undeniably bright. 

Adrian’s path from DME Academy to becoming the U-20 national team captain exemplifies his hard work, dedication, and the key role that DME and the International Development Academy player in his development. For further details on how DME Academy’s Elite Soccer Program supports athletes like Adrian Biaggi in refining their soccer and leadership skills, click here.

Daytona, Fla. (Feb. 27, 2024) -The Eighth Annual Basketball Without Borders (BWB) Global Camp, held during the NBA All-Star 2024 Weekend, showcased the talents of emerging young prospects from around the world. Among the 40 high school-aged participants from 22 countries and territories were two standout players from DME Academy: Savos Drezgic of Serbia and Moustapha Thiam from Senegal. 

Savos Drezgic distinguished himself on the court, earning a coveted spot on the BWB Global Camp Boys All-Star Team. His exceptional performance across various camp activities, from games to skills sessions, earned him well-deserved recognition. Drezgic has attracted attention from prestigious universities, receiving scholarship offers from California, Arizona State, South Florida, and Stanford while Moustapha Thiam has committed to UCF Knights.

The participation of Drezgic and Thiam underscores DME Academy’s commitment to providing its athletes with opportunities to compete at the highest levels and gain exposure on the international stage. Their success at the camp serves as a testament to their dedication, hard work, and the quality of training they receive at DME.

As DME Academy continues to nurture talent and ambition in young athletes, the achievements of Drezgic and Thiam stand as inspiring examples. Congratulations to both players for their outstanding performances and for representing DME Academy with distinction. If you’re inspired by their success and want to explore the opportunities offered by DME Academy, visit our website for more information visit our Admissions Page for more information

Daytona Beach, FL – In a landmark achievement for DME Academy’s boys’ basketball program, Director Matt Panaggio recently celebrated his 100th career win, a testament to his dedication and innovative coaching methods. Under Panaggio’s guidance, the academy has not only seen significant victories on the court but also substantial player development, contributing to the sport on a global scale.

Reflecting on this milestone, Panaggio shared, “Reaching 100 wins is a collective achievement that speaks volumes about our commitment at DME Academy. It’s about the hard work the players put in every day and the support from our entire coaching staff and the academy. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited for the future.”

The DME Academy basketball program, under Panaggio’s leadership, emphasizes not just athletic excellence but holistic development. This approach has prepared students for success both on and off the court, embodying the academy’s philosophy of building a foundation for life through sports.

Looking ahead, Panaggio is focused on continuing to elevate the program. “Our goal is always to improve, to challenge our limits, and to keep contributing positively to the lives of our student-athletes,” he stated, underscoring his vision for DME Academy’s future.

As Matt Panaggio celebrates this significant achievement, it’s clear that his influence extends far beyond the 100 wins. Through his leadership, DME Academy is setting a standard for excellence in youth basketball development, preparing the next generation of athletes for success in sports and life.

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