Middle School Volleyball Open House

"We believe your student-athletes shouldn’t have to choose between pursuing their passion for sports and the education fundamentals that set them up for success in life." - Anna Gonzalez, Head of School

Join Us For Our Volleyball Middle School Open House!

Join us Tuesday, June 28th at 7:00PM for our middle school open house to take a deep dive into all things Volleyball at DME Academy!

Meet Your Hosts!


Laura Stegall 

Athletic Director

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Dawn Moses

Director of Volleyball

The Benefits of Playing Volleyball AT DME


DME athletes are immersed in their training. With elite competition, a robust training schedule, advanced strength and conditioning program, skill development focused on the mechanics of volleyball and an experienced leadership team, we get athletes ready for the next level. 

What Makes DME Volleyball Unique?

Facilities & Technology

With two full NBA courts, five youth basketball courts, a shooting lab, two weight rooms, a spa and recovery facility and audio/visual center for video analysis, DME has a training facility that competes with most collegiate programs. 

Mindfulness Methodology

We believe that a positive & nurturing environment brings out the best in all athletes. Positive words have an encouraging impact on a person's confidence and are vital for healthy development. Our mindfulness methodology is engrained in our program. 


With decades of NBA experience, our hand selected staff is aggregated by legendary coach Dan Panaggio. With years of professional experience our team brings out the best in student-athletes as we continually compete with the best of the best.

Off Court Training

We focus just as much time into the development of our athletes off the court as we do on it. We offer advanced strength and conditioning programs, an elite sports performance facility, mental training sessions & video technology to give an edge to our aspiring student- athletes.


DME student-athletes come to Daytona from across the Globe. Training every day with motivated athletes prepares us for the tough competition that we face on the court. We line up against top programs like IMG Academy & Mountverde every year.

Alumni & Relationships

We have roots within the NBA, giving student-athletes a unique perspective into the highest level of competition in the world.  With dozens of former DME athletes playing at top programs, our network is vast, growing and our relationships are strong.

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