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From Euroleague to USA: Savo Drezgić Joins DME Basketball Program

Savo Drezgić, one of the youngest players on a Euroleague roster and recent ABA League champion with BC Partizan, is approaching a major shift in his basketball career. A 5-star recruit, acknowledged for his on-court proficiency and maturity, Drezgić is set to join the competitive roster at DME Academy in Florida this January, marking a substantial transition from European to American basketball.

Athlete+, a consulting agency dedicated to supporting international talent within the U.S. high school and university system, has facilitated Drezgić’s move to DME Academy positions him as a top prospect for NCAA and NBA scouts.

“Savo has played at the highest levels in Europe, and now he will get the chance to play against the best competition here in the USA. He’s a very talented player and comes from a great family. He and his brother Lazar will be great additions to DME Academy, and we are very excited to see what the future holds for them here at DME!”, said Matt Panaggio, Director of Men’s Basketball at DME Academy.

Drezgić’s transition from Euroleague to US basketball system signifies an opportunity to develop new skills, experience diverse coaching philosophies, and face top level opponents of his age while bringing new energy to DME team.

DME Academy, recognized for nurturing young talent and producing top NBA & NCAA players such as Keegan and Kris Murray, offers an ideal setting for Drezgić’s seamless transition. The academy’s commitment to academic and athletic development aligns with Drezgić’s aspirations, promising a transformative experience both on and off the court.

Expressing his excitement, Drezgić stated, “Partizan is my home and it provided me with invaluable experiences, but joining DME Academy brings an exciting new challenge. The shift from European to American basketball is a significant step for me, and I’m eager to learn, adapt, and contribute. This move isn’t just about elevating my game; it’s about creating new possibilities for my future.”

As Drezgić embarks on this basketball transition, the global sports community observes with anticipation. Beyond a change in scenery, his move to DME Academy symbolizes a pivotal moment in his promising career—a journey that transcends borders and underscores the unifying power of the sport on a global scale.

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