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Keegan & Kris Murray Return to DME to Have Their Jerseys Retired

Kris and Keegan Murray returned to DME Academy this past week. It was a celebration as the brothers were honored with jersey retirement ceremonies. Their numbers — Kris’ number 31 and Keegan’s number 25 — will be immortalized on the walls of DME’s basketball court, showing young student-athletes what can be accomplished with hard work and determination. The twins, born on August 19th, 2000, attended DME at the age of 19, where their careers really started to take off. 

“Before coming to DME, we weren’t being taken very seriously because we were always looked at and thought to be on the smaller side,” said Keegan at the Q&A session during the ceremony. “Once we got to DME, I really started to understand how much work I needed to put in to get my game to the next level. DME is great because you will always have the option to get better, whether it be getting shots up whenever you want or getting in the gym at any hour of the day to lift weights at their state-of-the-art facility”. 

Since starting their basketball journey at DME, Kris and Keegan have been on a tear in their individual basketball careers. Keegan was just recently selected 4th overall by the Sacramento Kings in the 2022 NBA Draft after playing two years with the Iowa Hawkeyes where he scored 23.5 points per game on average and won the Karl Malone Award as the nation’s top power forward. Kris has his eyes set on the 2023 NBA draft as he returns to the courts as a Hawkeye for this upcoming season where he currently scores 9.7 points per game on average. 

The event kicked off with a tour of the facilities, showing off the newly constructed dorms. Admissions coordinator Haleigh Panaggio led a walk through the campus to show off the new beach volleyball courts and the site of the full-sized soccer field that will be completed in the fall.

After the campus tour, the twins spent some time with the young athletes attending DME’s Summer Prep Camp. They answered questions on what it’s like to play at a Division-I school, what their time was like at DME and the sacrifices the twins had to make to get as far as they have thus far. Everyone was in high spirits after lining up for pictures and received autographs from the twins on items including sneakers and playing cards. 

The ceremony was attended by past coaches, mentors and even a few of the twins former teammates. Fox 35 Orlando, a local news station was also onsite making sure to document the historical moment for DME. 

The event was powerful and emotional, fitting for two players who are forces to be reckoned with on the court, as well as great students and friends off of it. After opening words from Dan Panaggio, Co-Owner of DME, the Murray family answered questions from Halifax Health’s, Kaylee Durrance who was emceeing the event. 

“This is a very special day in DME Academy history,” said Dan Panaggio. “Thank you to the Murrays for taking time out of your busy lives to spend it with us. To Keegan and Chris, I have seen a lot over the years – working with some of the biggest names in basketball history. The way you both carry yourselves, on and off the court is a testament to your parents and the type of people that we want to represent DME. You are true examples of young, aspiring athletes that did things the right way. You both displayed hard work, dedication, humility and sincerity in the pursuit of chasing your dreams. We are here today to honor you as role models all athletes at DME should try to emulate”. 


The banners were dramatically revealed to be forever imprinted on the walls of DME, where all future student-athletes can look up and be inspired to make their biggest dreams become a reality. 

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