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DME Academy Alumnus, Keegan Murray, Shatters Records in Kings’ Win

In a historic performance on Saturday night, former DME Academy standout Keegan Murray left an indelible mark on the NBA, guiding the Sacramento Kings to a resounding 125-104 victory over the Utah Jazz. Breaking multiple franchise records, Murray showcased his prowess by making an astounding 12 three-pointers, including an NBA-record 11 consecutive shots, while amassing a career-high 47 points.

Murray’s remarkable shooting spree fell just two three-pointers short of the league record set by Klay Thompson in 2018. The second-year forward’s stellar performance was not only a personal best but also etched his name in the Kings’ record books. Scoring 26 points in the third quarter alone, Murray surpassed Mitch Richmond’s franchise record of 25 points in a quarter, a mark that had stood since 1995.

Kings coach Mike Brown lauded Murray’s exceptional play, emphasizing the unforced nature of his record-breaking performance. Brown told ESPN, “I thought Keegan was playing the right way. There was nothing really forced. Our guys didn’t really force anything to him. They just hit him when he was open.” Murray’s ability to seamlessly integrate into the team’s strategy and capitalize on open opportunities contributed significantly to the Kings’ success.

Murray’s heroics were complemented by the Kings’ outstanding three-point shooting throughout the game. The team finished the night with 22 three-pointers, marking the third time this season that Sacramento made at least 20 treys. 

Reflecting on his incredible third quarter, Murray likened it to his college days, stating, “It kind of reminded me of my last year in college. I’d get hot and I would just black out for a little bit, and so everything would just go in. That’s kind of what happened in the third quarter.” Murray’s ability to enter a zone where every shot seemed destined for success left fans and teammates alike in awe.

Despite the Jazz’s efforts, Murray’s offensive onslaught proved insurmountable. Jazz coach Will Hardy acknowledged Murray’s exceptional performance, noting, “Keegan never let us off the hook. Every time you make a mistake, he makes the shot.” Hardy recognized Murray’s status as a rising star and commended his skills, acknowledging that it was one of those extraordinary nights that define a player’s career.

Keegan Murray’s historic night stands as a testament to the talent developed at DME Academy. As an alumnus, Murray continues to make waves in the NBA, leaving an indelible mark on the Sacramento Kings and etching his name in the league’s record books. The basketball world eagerly anticipates more stellar performances from this young and promising athlete.

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