Ignite The Dream With Mohamed Chaabane

2021 graduate Mohamed Chaabane enjoyed every minute of his time at DME Academy. Originally from Tunisia and with his family back home in Qatar, Mo spent the last three years improving his game and furthering his education in Daytona. He recently accepted an offer and committed to playing basketball at Davis and Elkins College, but this is only a piece of a bigger story. This rising star is a born leader with a work ethic that rivals the best of the best.

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He credits the family atmosphere at DME to helping him easily transition to a new home away from home environment. In the process, he developed a new family and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Mo shared a few thoughts with the hopes of helping other foreign athletes make the decision to come state-side to follow their dreams.

What was your favorite DME Academy Moment?

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“I don’t have one exact memory. I think that every day was part of a bigger favorite memory. Just being around the people you love and the game you love.”

What drives you to succeed?

“When I wake up every morning and realize I have a chance that not everyone in the world has, my family and the people I love. I strive to become a role model and influence kids that they can achieve their goals no matter where they’re from.

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Check out the full interview with Mo below and get a closer look at his journey from Tunisia to the USA.

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