Senior, Daytona State College Commit, Brooke Kornegay was awarded the Doing More Everyday "DME Player Of the Year" last week! Being the first year to give this award out, this was a special moment the whole volleyball staff and program witnessed. We talked with Brooke and Coach Lilly, Brooke's coach, to see what an honor this meant to them as well. Check out some of their thoughts.

In your eyes, what is the Doing More Everyday DME Player Of The Year?

Brooke: In my eyes, doing more every day means being selfless and being willing to put your team, coaches, and club before you.  You train hard, require your teammates to train hard and get 1% better every day while giving 1% more every day.

What were your expectations going into the "Doing More Everyday" DME Player Of The Year Awards?

Brooke: I had no idea that this award even existed and when I heard Coach Dawn listing all of the qualities about the selected player I got excited but I honestly did not think that it would be me out of the hundreds of athletes at DME. I felt super honored.


How do you think younger players look up to you and this reward? 

Brooke: I think the younger players see me as someone who lets their passion for the sport determine my attitude and effort. I sacrifice so much of myself, physically and mentally, for this sport, but I am happy to do it because I love to play this sport.   


What does the Doing More Everyday "DME Player of the Year Award mean to you?

Brooke: This award means the world to me, because I have always been the player that walks the whole gym to make sure there’s no trash or who picks up any loose balls, but I never did any of those things expecting a reward or any recognition from anyone; I was just doing it for the better of my club but the fact that Coach Dawn did recognize my actions feels really good. 


For someone striving to get this award next year, what would your advice be to them?

Brooke: I feel like it is easy to do more every day if your heart is in the right spot. If you are just looking for your name on a plaque, then you aren’t doing more every day for the right reasons. Let your love for the sport and club guide you. 


If you can put it into words, who all would you thank for helping you, molding you into the player you are that received this award? 

Brooke:I have to thank my mom, dad, and sister, along with Coach Dawn and Coach Alvaro, and all of my other past coaches. They have all affected me in different ways and made me the type of player that I am today, a player that does more every day.


How proud were you when Brooke was announced as DME Player of The Year and why?

Coach Lilly: When Brooke was announced as the player of the year I was super proud! I wasn’t really surprised that she was selected given her hard work and dedication this club season as well as all her past club seasons. Brooke is an amazing athlete and person in general. 


How is she a leader on and off the court?

Coach Lilly: She leads on and off the court just by being Brooke. She shows up to every practice ready to work, she speaks up when necessary, she holds herself and her teammates accountable and when it comes to volleyball; she has a winning mentality. Brooke is the kind of person every coach wishes they had a whole team of.

We want to wish Brooke the best of luck on her new journey at Daytona State College next year. If you’d like to learn more about the DME volleyball programs click here.