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DME Academy Scores First Round Pick

DME Academy Scores First Round Pick

DME Academy hires new Student-Life Director, Haley Toler

DME Academy is thrilled to announce the hiring of Haley Toler, a Coral Springs, FL native for the new role of Student-Life Director.  She played college volleyball at Daytona State College and Auburn University at Montgomery.  

(Fun Fact: She actually played her two years of volleyball at Daytona State College for DME Athletic Director, Laura Stegall from 2015 to 2017.)

After completing college with a sports management degree from AUM, Haley interned  with the Montgomery Biscuits AA Baseball Club, affiliate of Tampa Bay Rays.  She fulfilled many roles for the Biscuits, but primarily focused on in-game promotions and corporate sales and partnerships.   After her time with the Biscuits, Haley served in multiple capacities, both as a residential supervisor at a behavior health center and as a volleyball coach at her local school and club.

“Haley will connect well with our students.  As her former coach, I witnessed her impressive leadership skills and I am confident she will ‌ harness those competencies to mentor and direct the students at DME Academy,” remarked Laura Stegall on the recent hire of Haley Toler.

Toler has been added to the DME Academy staff to provide supervision to the students at DME Academy.  She will enhance the student-life element of DME Academy through the development of activities and programs.  She  will also be responsible for the student-athletes’ lives outside of the gym and classroom.  This will allow DME Academy to further enrich the student experience.

“I am thrilled to be taking on this new position at DME Academy as the Student-Life Director. DME recognized an opportunity to elevate their students’ experience on campus by adding this position.  I am honored to be selected for this role and am looking forward to enhancing the students’ daily lives through new initiatives, programs, and opportunities,” commented Haley. 

About DME Academy: DME Academy is an elite, multi-sport training and educational institution designed for student-athletes who are looking to reach their ultimate potential, harness their strengths and achieve their goals. Located in Daytona Beach, Florida, the academy offers a wide variety of programming, servicing 6th-12th grade students. DME is a co-ed boarding school that offers post-graduate programs, year-round camps, tournaments, team events, including collegiate and professional training.

To learn more about DME and to follow along with what Haley is doing on campus, connect with one of our Student-Athlete Advisors by booking a one-on-one call here!

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