DME Regional drop home contest against Trinity Prep

DME High School Regional lost to Trinity Prep 65-58 Tuesday at Warner Christian.

Trinity Prep took control of the game with Regional trailing the whole way. Regional struggled the first half, shooting 1-10 from the field. Trying to hold on to a 9 point deficit, Regional finished the first half 31-40.

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Starting the second half, Regional fought their way back in the game cutting the lead down to 4 points, with the help of Ronaldo Messam who had 12 points and Shem Gordon who had 11 points.

Toward the end of the fourth, Regional had the chance to cut the lead to 2 with a steal from David Ofori.

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However, Regional turned the ball over and Trinity Academy closed out the game with a 7 point lead.

Overall, Regional struggled all the way around, shooting 47 percent, 12-32, from the free throw line and 17-47 from the field.

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Regional will recover and get ready for their next game on Friday against Duval High School.

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