DME Academy’s Budding Soccer Program

Todd Eason at the Forefront of Creating a Competitive Soccer Program at DME Academy

Todd Eason, Director of Soccer at DME, has been at the forefront of assembling the perfect team to compete at the middle-school level for girls soccer in the upcoming 2022-2023 season. DME is extremely excited to have these amazing athletes representing the Academy on and off the field. This group will up their competition and bring their talent to the national stage, and will be a force to be reckoned with across the country. 

The new DME Academy girls’ team consists of 11 of the top 7th graders in the Florida area. Remember these names because you’ll be hearing about them a lot in the upcoming years. 

  • Riley Doran 
  • Taelyn Babcock 
  • Jordan Theill 
  • Sophia Strong 
  • Bailey Wilson 
  • Makayla Barbel 
  • Payton Robinson 
  • Madison Byrd 
  • Kaia McFarland 
  • Gianna Reyes 
  • Cora Wingard 

 “DME Academy has been super excited to see our middle school girls’ soccer program evolve over the last year to a full team for the 2022-23 season,” said athletic director Laura Stegall. “Todd has put in countless hours developing this roster and it is exciting to see the program come to fruition. I look forward to watching these ladies compete.”

Some of the girls- Cora Wingard and Payton Robinson to name a few – will be representing DME as full-time student-athletes in the fall of 2022, where they will be able to take classes online and focus on their soccer skills. Riley Doran’s family has also done a lot to help with the recruitment efforts for this upcoming season. 

“I’m pleased to announce and be associated with the first middle school team to represent DME Academy,” said Eason. “Our coaching staff has worked hard on identifying some of the most talented young players in our community. With the combination of our returning players and the seven new additions, I look forward to seeing this group compete at an extremely high level. Our focus on academics, character development and training regiment will bring much deserved attention and opportunities for our young student-athletes.”

If you’re interested in joining our soccer family, improve your game and see why DME is an academy on the rise, click here to learn more about all of our soccer programs.

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