The 5th Annual DME Academy Beach & Ball Classic All-Tournament Teams

More than 70 players received an MVP award and were placed on this year’s All-Tournament teams!

The 5th Annual Beach & Ball Classic, powered by Halifax Health, wrapped up on Sunday evening after an exciting five days of action with over 73 games spanning the tournament. DME Academy hosted more than 50 teams, from as close as Orlando, to as far away as Rome and Canada. 

Each game featured a match-up between two top-talent teams and the most valuable player was named at the end of each game. Over 70 players took home a unique medal to recognize their achievements on the court.

At the end of the tournament, athletes who exhibited outstanding talent were given the honor of being named to the Classic All-Tournament Teams. 

Thank you to all the players and coaches who made this tournament a success. DME Academy is looking forward to an even bigger turnout at the next Beach & Ball Classic!

Check out the list of athletes named to the Classic All-Tournament Teams.

1st Team

  • Bryce Heard Montverde Academy
  • Baraka Okojie DME Academy
  • Efeosa Oliogu United Scholastic 
  • Carlos Lopez Feltrim
  • Andre Wright TMS Academy Anderson University Commit
  • Chip Brunt DME Academy

2nd Team

  • Bryce Lyndsey IMG Academy Texas A&M Commit
  • Isaac Taveras NFEI
  • Jahni Summers DME Academy
  • Emmanuel Innocenti Stellazurra
  • Yamari Allette United Scholastic
  • Elijah Easter Miami Prep

3rd Team

  • Maor Nekrashevich DME Academy
  • Shaedon Simpson Combine Academy Queens University Commit
  • Leslie Owens 212 Academy
  • Omar Adegbola Montverde Academy
  • Marcus Overstreet Feltrim
  • Alex Doyle DME Academy Stetson Commit

Honorable Mention

  • Uchenna Kellman TMS Academy
  • Omer Schwartz Central Pointe
  • Matt Anglo Tri City Prep
  • Tyson Shaw Miami Prep
  • Eli Rice IMG Academy Nebraska Commit
  • Alvaro Folguieras DME Academy
  • Petras Padegimas DME Academy UCF Commit
  • Matteo Visintin Stellazurra
  • Thiago Sucatzky Miami Prep
  • Jordan Brown Palm Beach Prep
  • Diogo Seixas 212 Academy
  • Chris Simunovic Terror Prep
  • Nico Charlent DME Academy
  • Fabrizio Pugliatti Stellazurra
  • Hayden Abdullah DME Academy

Regional Division

  • MVP Clinton Efinda Combine Academy UMBC Commit
  • Corey Cameron Wilson Academy
  • Gabe Stewart DME Academy
  • Chris Kitenge DME Academy
  • Harry Shellhammer Tri City Prep
  • Pietro Alberici DME Academy
  • Muna Godswill West Lake Prep
  • Mo Nasereddin DME Academy
  • Berke Arslan Montverde Academy
  • Edwin Oquendo The Vine Christian Academy
  • Djiby Ly Spire Institute
  • Nyck Clarke Combine Academy
  • Joel King Life Christian
  • Nathan Christopher George Harris Prep
  • Yuta Usui 212 academy 
  • Jaelen Spellman Faith christian
  • Ethan Sarasty Faith Christian 
  • Oscar Hourittinier DME Academy

For more information on the DME Academy boy’s basketball program and how you can be recruited or attend a camp, click here.