5 Reasons You Need to Attend DME Academy Sports Camps

Sports camps at DME Academy are no run of the mill summer camp. These week-long training sessions were purposely built for athletes who want to get the most out of their off season. Athletes that attend DME Academy sports camps are focused on pushing their limits, honing their craft, and becoming the best athlete that they can be.

Does that sound like you? If so, keep reading to find the 5 reasons sports camps at DME Academy are the best way to take your game to the next level.


The coaches at DME Academy sports camps are second to none. Our coaching roster is loaded with former NCAA talent, professional athletes, and program directors who each have enough accolades to fill their own trophy case. The best part? They’re all members of our DME family, which means that this summer is the perfect chance to introduce yourself if you want to play for DME Academy in the future.

Personalized Development

Our coaches know better than anyone that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to coaching, which is why DME sports camps offer an individualized approach to help campers level up their game. We focus on maximizing each athlete’s potential through sport specific instruction and one-on-one attention.


Athletes at DME Academy sports camps have full access to our state of the art facilities. The 47,00 square foot field house boasts 2 full NBA courts, 5 youth courts, 7 regulation volleyball courts, a performance center, athletic training rooms, and a spa. Not to mention our 4 beach volleyball courts, 60x40 turf field, and outdoor basketball court, which are perfect for training under that Florida sun.

Competitive Environment 

Athletes travel to DME academy to level up their game and become the best they can be. The competitive environment extends from the court and the field, to the dining hall and the dorm room. Our brand new 18,000 square foot dormitory sleeps 80 campers, plus it features two fully loaded student lounges and a learning center so campers can remain focused on one thing: stepping up their game.

Location, location, location

Turn your trip to camp into a vacation for the whole family! Our facilities are located just 10 minutes away from some of the most famous beaches in America. Daytona Beach has hard packed sand famous for being able to drive on, a boardwalk filled with fun games and rides, concert venues, and Daytona Lagoon waterpark.

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