DME Falls In Hosted Beach & Ball Tournament

DME Closed out an exciting weekend here in Daytona Beach for the Inaugural Beach & Ball Tournament. 16 teams were in attendance, including 4 DME teams, DME PG Blue, DME PG White, DME PG Orange, and DME Select, along with college coaches in the gym and watching on the live stream.

With many great teams and very talented prospects, some highlight players of the tournament include Rob Perry from 4A Academy, Jermaine Marshall and Jacco Fritz from DME Blue, and Josh Walton from Monteverde Academy.

DME Blue Jacob Tracy had a highlight moment after the tournament by receiving his first Division 1 offer after the first day of the two-day weekend.

The great competition led up to the 7:00 pm Championship game Sunday night against DME Blue and 4A Academy. It was a very competitive matchup. DME Blue fell short to 4A in the final, in what was a back and forth contest. With the game coming down to the final seconds, the game finished 88-86 with 4A on top.

You can find all of the games for the tournament here.

DME will suit up again with DME Blue vs RockTop on Thursday. DME PG White will also suit up this weekend in the Daytona State University Tournament this weekend.
Check out our Facebook page with photos from the tournament at DME Sports Academy.

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