It’s been quite the season for Chloe Kitts and Dominika Paurova, both coming out of the DME Academy Girls Basketball Program. Their journeys from academy prospects to key players in their respective college teams have been inspiring to say the least. And with their critical Sweet Sixteen games happening on Friday, the possibility of a DME Alumna Elite Eight showdown between Kitts and Paurova grows ever more exciting. 

Chloe Kitts, now a pivotal player for South Carolina, has seen a dramatic transformation in her game. She’s not only the team’s second-leading scorer so far in the tournament- but also boasts an impressive field goal percentage of 92.86% thus far. Kitts in the opening round had a standout performance against Presbyterian, where she achieved a double-double with 21 points—going perfect from the field—and securing 13 rebounds.

On the other side, Dominika Paurova up against Eastern Washington in the first round notched a career-high of 17 points, showcasing her skill set in front of her family for the first time in her college career. Paurova also proved vital for the Beavers in closing out their second round victory over the pesky Nebraska Cornhuskers by hitting a crucial 3-pointer. The prospect of Kitts and Paurova facing off is a thrilling scenario for all at the DME Academy. We’re incredibly proud of Chloe and Dominika’s journeys and achievements in the NCAA tournament. Their hard work and dedication inspire us all. For any young female athletes inspired to elevate their game, know that your journey to excellence begins here at DME Academy. Click here to learn more about how we can help shape your path to greatness.

Daytona Beach, FL – In a landmark achievement for DME Academy’s boys’ basketball program, Director Matt Panaggio recently celebrated his 100th career win, a testament to his dedication and innovative coaching methods. Under Panaggio’s guidance, the academy has not only seen significant victories on the court but also substantial player development, contributing to the sport on a global scale.

Reflecting on this milestone, Panaggio shared, “Reaching 100 wins is a collective achievement that speaks volumes about our commitment at DME Academy. It’s about the hard work the players put in every day and the support from our entire coaching staff and the academy. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited for the future.”

The DME Academy basketball program, under Panaggio’s leadership, emphasizes not just athletic excellence but holistic development. This approach has prepared students for success both on and off the court, embodying the academy’s philosophy of building a foundation for life through sports.

Looking ahead, Panaggio is focused on continuing to elevate the program. “Our goal is always to improve, to challenge our limits, and to keep contributing positively to the lives of our student-athletes,” he stated, underscoring his vision for DME Academy’s future.

As Matt Panaggio celebrates this significant achievement, it’s clear that his influence extends far beyond the 100 wins. Through his leadership, DME Academy is setting a standard for excellence in youth basketball development, preparing the next generation of athletes for success in sports and life.

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DME Academy girls basketball student-athletes, Ines Goryanova and Keira Scott, have both earned spots on the prestigious ESPNW Top 100 ranking list for 2024 recruits. 

Goryanova, a point guard for DME, earned the 79th ranking spot on the list. This remarkable playmaker continues to receive offers from renowned Division I programs, but she is yet to make a decision regarding her future beyond DME.

Occupying the 89th spot on the list is Keira Scott, a versatile 6’2″ wing for DME. Scott had an abundance of Division I offers to choose from but ultimately decided to commit to Syracuse University once she completes her studies at DME Academy.

With their impressive ESPNW Top 100 rankings, Goryanova and Scott add to DME’s girls basketball program’s ‘HERstory’ of developing elite student-athletes. In the class of 2022, DME Academy had two players ranked in ESPNW’s Top 100, as well. Sydney Shaw, the now starting point guard for Auburn University ranked 50th, while University of Georgia forward, Amiya Evans, earned the 66th spot.

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