Daytona, Florida – Every year, the nation is gripped by the thrill and unpredictability of one of the world’s most exhilarating sporting events. March Madness lives up to its name, capturing the essence of fan enthusiasm with bracket challenges, surprise outcomes, and remarkable performances. Amidst this excitement, the spotlight on women’s athletics grows ever brighter, heralding a new era led by Caitlin Clark, poised to redefine the boundaries in sports by bridging the gap between men’s and women’s basketball—and beyond.

This year’s Women’s National Championship between South Carolina and the Iowa Hawkeyes not only promised to challenge viewership records previously set by Caitlin Clark (holding both #1 & #2)  but also showcased the breadth of talent across women’s college basketball. With Clark at the helm, the semi-final and the monumental clash against UCONN drew 14.2 millions viewers – cementing her status as a generational talent.

Caitlin Clark, undoubtedly is set to don an Indiana Fever WNBA jersey as next year’s top draft pick and has left an indelible mark on this year’s tournament and the broader landscape of collegiate women’s sports. Her impact was acknowledged by none other than coach Dawn Staley from the opposing bench, who praised her from the championship podium. “I want to personally thank Caitlin Clark for elevating our sport,” Staley said, also calling Clark “one of the GOATs of our game.”

Yet, amidst the stars of the game, Chloe Kitts, emerging from DME Academy, is proving herself a rising star. Last season, Kitts was used sparingly, yet she frequently showcased her potential. This year, she has emerged as a key player for the Gamecocks during crucial moments. Starting in the championship game, Kitts was pivotal in her team’s strategy to contain Clark and the Hawkeyes, contributing significantly to the defensive effort that set the tone for the game.

Finishing with an impressive double-double of 11 points and 10 rebounds, Kitts’ performance was a testament to her growth, hard work, self-belief, and resilience. At DME Academy, we are proud to have been part of her journey and are excited for what players like Caitlin and Chloe will continue to contribute to women’s sports globally. Chloe Kitts’ transformation from a DME Academy alumna to a pivotal player in winning a national championship showcases the dedication and excellence we cultivate at DME Academy.

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It’s been quite the season for Chloe Kitts and Dominika Paurova, both coming out of the DME Academy Girls Basketball Program. Their journeys from academy prospects to key players in their respective college teams have been inspiring to say the least. And with their critical Sweet Sixteen games happening on Friday, the possibility of a DME Alumna Elite Eight showdown between Kitts and Paurova grows ever more exciting. 

Chloe Kitts, now a pivotal player for South Carolina, has seen a dramatic transformation in her game. She’s not only the team’s second-leading scorer so far in the tournament- but also boasts an impressive field goal percentage of 92.86% thus far. Kitts in the opening round had a standout performance against Presbyterian, where she achieved a double-double with 21 points—going perfect from the field—and securing 13 rebounds.

On the other side, Dominika Paurova up against Eastern Washington in the first round notched a career-high of 17 points, showcasing her skill set in front of her family for the first time in her college career. Paurova also proved vital for the Beavers in closing out their second round victory over the pesky Nebraska Cornhuskers by hitting a crucial 3-pointer. The prospect of Kitts and Paurova facing off is a thrilling scenario for all at the DME Academy. We’re incredibly proud of Chloe and Dominika’s journeys and achievements in the NCAA tournament. Their hard work and dedication inspire us all. For any young female athletes inspired to elevate their game, know that your journey to excellence begins here at DME Academy. Click here to learn more about how we can help shape your path to greatness.

As March Madness grips basketball fans across the country, it’s a moment of pride for us at DME Academy to watch our alumni compete at the collegiate level. This year, we’re thrilled to see our men and women making waves in the NCAA Tournament, affirming our dedication to comprehensive development that mirrors the intensity of college-level competition.

DME Alumni in the NCAA Tournament:

At DME Academy, we prepare student-athletes for the academic rigor and athletic demands of collegiate programs. Our academy is built on the pillars of academic excellence, personal growth, and athletic competitiveness, fostering resilience and ambition in our students.

Seeing our alums excel in the NCAA Tournament spotlights the powerful blend of community support, expert coaching, and educational guidance they embraced at DME Academy. Their achievements underscore our unwavering dedication to fostering the growth of every student-athlete, propelling them toward success in athletics and life beyond. 

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Finding the right summer sports camp is crucial to your child’s athletic and personal development. At DME Academy, our programs are specifically designed to nurture each athlete’s potential, providing a comprehensive and enriching experience that extends beyond just sports training.

At DME Academy, we recognize the unique goals and interests of each young athlete. Our camp offerings span various sports, including basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and more. Tailored to meet athletes at every level, from beginners to advanced competitors, our camps ensure focused attention and skill development for everyone.

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Expert Coaching and World-Class Facilities

Our dedicated coaches bring their passion and expertise to our top-notch facilities, fostering an environment where young athletes can challenge themselves and excel. With access to professional training and insights, participants are empowered to reach new milestones in their athletic journeys.

Beyond the Field

We believe in the power of sports to teach valuable life lessons. Our camps emphasize values like resilience, leadership, and teamwork, creating a nurturing atmosphere for athletes to develop not just physically but also as well-rounded individuals. This approach helps participants to build character, forge lasting friendships, and become part of a supportive community.

The Benefits of Joining a DME Summer Prep Camp:

At DME Academy, we’re committed to providing a transformative summer experience for young athletes. With our comprehensive training programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated coaching staff, we offer the perfect environment for athletes to thrive. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, or any other sport, our camps focus on honing skills, fostering teamwork, and instilling values that extend beyond the field. Join us this summer and discover the difference at DME Academy! Learn more about our summer offerings by visiting our website.

Daytona Beach, FL – In a landmark achievement for DME Academy’s boys’ basketball program, Director Matt Panaggio recently celebrated his 100th career win, a testament to his dedication and innovative coaching methods. Under Panaggio’s guidance, the academy has not only seen significant victories on the court but also substantial player development, contributing to the sport on a global scale.

Reflecting on this milestone, Panaggio shared, “Reaching 100 wins is a collective achievement that speaks volumes about our commitment at DME Academy. It’s about the hard work the players put in every day and the support from our entire coaching staff and the academy. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited for the future.”

The DME Academy basketball program, under Panaggio’s leadership, emphasizes not just athletic excellence but holistic development. This approach has prepared students for success both on and off the court, embodying the academy’s philosophy of building a foundation for life through sports.

Looking ahead, Panaggio is focused on continuing to elevate the program. “Our goal is always to improve, to challenge our limits, and to keep contributing positively to the lives of our student-athletes,” he stated, underscoring his vision for DME Academy’s future.

As Matt Panaggio celebrates this significant achievement, it’s clear that his influence extends far beyond the 100 wins. Through his leadership, DME Academy is setting a standard for excellence in youth basketball development, preparing the next generation of athletes for success in sports and life.

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Get ready for three days of thrilling basketball action as DME Academy presents the 4th Annual Jingle Jam tournament in Daytona Beach, Florida. From December 14 to 16, the state-of-the-art basketball facility at DME Academy will come alive with the skills and determination of some of the finest girls’ teams from across the nation. 

National Teams Converge

Teams from various corners of the country will converge in Daytona Beach for a basketball spectacle like no other. Among the participating teams are powerhouses such as Example Academy (IL), Hamilton Heights (TN), Life Prep (KS), Link Academy (MO) and Recruiting Boost, all the way from Australia. The competition promises to be fierce, with each team vying for glory and showcasing their skills on the meticulously maintained courts.

DME Academy’s Dominance

DME Academy is not just the host but also a formidable contender in the Jingle Jam tournament. The academy boasts two teams in the competition: Prep and National. The National team, currently ranked 8th in the country by ESPN, is a force to be reckoned with. Comprising a roster of exceptional talent, this team has multiple players heading to top-tier college programs next year.

Key Players to Watch

Olivia Schmitt: A small but mighty point guard, Schmitt is set to take her talents to Syracuse University next year. Her agility and court vision make her a standout player to watch during the tournament.

Keira Scott: Standing at an impressive 6’2″, Scott, ranked 97th in the nation by ESPN and also heading to the Orange next year, brings versatility to the wing position. Her skills on both ends of the court make her a key player for DME Academy.

Tabitha Betson: Hailing from Australia, Betson is a 6’2″ forward with an ESPN ranking of 80. She is a strong, selfless player who is committed to playing basketball for Colorado next year.

Tahj Bloom: With an ESPN ranking of 38, Bloom is a strong, scoring machine. This 6’3″ power forward is set to play for Mississippi State University next year.

Ines Goryanova: Ranked 71st by ESPN, Goryanova, a point guard from Bulgaria, is committed to Baylor. Her skills and athleticism make her a dynamic presence on the courts.

Witness the Action

For basketball enthusiasts and casual fans alike, the Jingle Jam tournament offers a chance to witness top-tier talent and exciting matchups. If you’re in the Daytona Beach area, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere in person. Tickets are available at the door for $10 per day. For anyone who can’t be at Jingle Jam in person, all league games will be live streamed on YouTube Live. Fans can find the full schedule here and should follow DME Girls Basketball on Instagram and Twitter for tournament updates.

The Jingle Jam tournament is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of basketball excellence. Join us as DME Academy and teams from across the nation showcase the true spirit of the game on these hallowed courts. 

To learn more about DME Academy’s nationally-ranked girls basketball program, click here.

On November 8, DME Academy celebrated a momentous National Signing Day as six exceptional student-athletes officially committed to continuing their academic and athletic journeys at esteemed institutions.

Jaylen Robinson, a 6’6″ forward, chose the University of Richmond’s academics and men’s basketball program over a distinguished list of finalists, including Princeton, Mercer, Yale, Penn, and Columbia. Matt Panaggio, Director of Men’s Basketball at DME Academy, expressed his pride in Jaylen, stating, “I am very proud of Jaylen and excited to see his future at the University of Richmond. He’s very unselfish, coachable, and hardworking.”

Olivia Schmitt, a 5’5″ point guard from Staten Island, is heading back to her home state to study and play women’s basketball at Syracuse University. Head coach Felisha Legette-Jack said, “She has a certain toughness about her. She can pass that ball; she can shoot that ball, and one thing I love about her is she has no problem going in with the trees and trying to make things happen.”

Keira Scott, a 6’1″ four-star forward and daughter of Syracuse football alum George Scott, will be joining DME teammate, Olivia Schmitt, at Syracuse University. Legette-Jack said, “Once we learned how incredibly gifted she was both academically and athletically, and she’s also got a connection to being Orange, it was a no-brainer that we were going to go after her as if she was the best player in the world.”

Tahj Bloom, a highly rated 6’3″ forward for DME Academy, signed with Mississippi State University as a four-star recruit, ranking No. 41 overall and No. 9 among forwards by Premiere Basketball and espnW HoopGurlz. Head Coach Sam Purcell said of Bloom, “She brings a dynamic skill set and competitive mentality each time she steps on the floor. Most importantly, Tahj comes from a great family and will be a great addition to the culture we are building at Mississippi State.”

6’2″ forward from Melbourne, Australia, Tabitha Betson, signed to the University of Colorado. A four-star recruit, Betson holds the No. 80 spot on’s top 100 list. Colorado head coach, JR Payne, said, “Tabs is one of the most skilled and well-rounded players we have recruited here at Colorado. Her basketball IQ is off the charts and will be a perfect fit for our offensive system.”

Ines Goryanova, a 5’8″ point guard from Sofia, Bulgaria, chose Baylor University. Ranked No. 49 on ProspectsNation and No. 71 on espnW, Goryanova impressed Baylor head coach Nicki Collen with her exciting guard abilities, deep shooting range, and the overall toughness cultivated through her mother’s extensive professional basketball background.

Michael Panaggio, Director of Girl’s Basketball at DME Academy, commemorated the day as historic for the program, stating, “We have 5 extremely special young ladies who are headed to the power 5 level. I am very proud of their individual success thus far and I’m excited to see what they can accomplish together during their senior year.” 

DME Academy looks forward to witnessing the continued success of our class of 2024 basketball student-athletes, both academically and athletically. Congratulations to these outstanding student-athletes on this remarkable accomplishment.

DME Academy’s 2024 guard standout, Ines Goryanova, has announced her commitment to Baylor University Women’s Basketball, solidifying her place as the second addition to the Bears’ 2024 class, alongside forward Kayla Nelms.

At a height of 5-foot-8, Goryanova has earned her reputation as a No. 71 overall prospect in the highly competitive 2024 class. This exceptional achievement positions her as a promising prospect within the realm of women’s collegiate basketball. Moreover, Baylor’s 2024 class now boasts two top 100 prospects, reinforcing the program’s commitment to excellence and continuous success.

Goryanova’s decision to choose Baylor over formidable offers from institutions like Penn State, Auburn, Cal, Louisville, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and West Virginia underscores the magnetic pull of the Baylor Bears. When asked about her choice, Ines herself shared her excitement, stating, “I’m super excited to play for Baylor and Coach Nicki. I think she’s an amazing coach and a person that’s going to help me grow as a player and as a person.”

Goryanova’s decision to commit to Baylor is a testament to her admiration for the coaching staff, the program’s welcoming atmosphere, and the genuine connections she felt with the people there. Her choice signifies the profound impact that the Baylor Women’s Basketball program, under the leadership of Coach Nicki, has in nurturing both talent and character.

DME looks forward to having Ines representing the academy in blue and black this season, and knows that she has a successful collegiate career ahead of her. 

To learn more about DME Academy’s prestigious girls basketball program and how they’re developing athletes for next-level success, click here.

nike basketball

The 2023 Nike World Basketball Festival was more than just a tournament; it was a celebration of basketball culture, a gathering of the world’s finest athletes, and a showcase of the best products and experiences in the sport. Amidst the glittering backdrop of Lincoln Center in New York City, one young player stood out as a beacon of talent and determination – Keira Scott, an elite girls’ basketball player from DME Academy.

The festival, held from September 15 to 16, brought together the brightest stars in the world of basketball. The event aimed to usher in a new era of basketball culture, designed especially for, and with, the next generation of players and fans. With its electrifying atmosphere and world-class competition, the festival lived up to its promise.

The competition showcased four selectively assembled regional teams, each consisting of nationally-ranked talent. Scott was among a select group of just thirty-five athletes who received invitations to participate, proudly representing the ‘South’ regional team.

Standing tall at 6’2″, Scott is a versatile wing known for her incredible skills and accuracy, especially from the 3-point line. She is a standout player for DME Academy, and after the upcoming season, will take her talents to Syracuse University. 

However, this past weekend, she was in the spotlight for leading her ‘South’ team to a resounding tournament victory. Scott’s exceptional performance was a key factor in her team’s success, and she left her mark on the tournament with a memorable 3-pointer shot with just one minute remaining in the championship game. Adding a touch of star power to the celebration was rapper Travis Scott, who was on hand to present the championship trophy to Keira and her victorious teammates.

Scott summed up her experience at the festival with enthusiasm, stating, “I had a great time and experience playing with the top competition from around the world, in such a monumental place in NYC.” DME Academy takes immense pride in Scott’s achievements and her role as a symbol of excellence in women’s basketball. Her journey from DME Academy to the global stage of the 2023 Nike World Basketball Festival is a testament to her talent, hard work, and the academy’s commitment to fostering young athletes’ growth.

As Scott looks forward to her upcoming season with DME Academy and her future at Syracuse University, basketball fans everywhere eagerly await the next chapter in her remarkable journey. With her dedication and undeniable talent, there is no doubt that Keira Scott is destined for even greater heights in the world of basketball.

To learn more about DME Academy’s prestigious girls basketball program, click here.

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DME Academy takes immense pride in fostering talent that transcends borders, and Lara Barnes is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the best. A standout Shooting Guard on DME Academy’s High School National Girl’s Basketball team, Barnes recently made headlines by representing Turkey in the 2023 FIBA U16 Women’s European Championship held in Izmir, Turkey from August 11 to 19, 2023.

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Barnes demonstrated her incredible skill set as she donned the Turkish national jersey during this prestigious international tournament. Notably, she led the team in points per game with 9, and 3-point shooting efficiency, which stood at just over 35%.

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Her sharpshooting from beyond the arc was a crucial factor in Turkey’s success during the championship.

Mike Panaggio, DME Director and Head Coach of girl’s basketball, couldn’t be more thrilled about Barnes’ achievements.

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He shared, “Lara is an exceptional talent, and her performance at the FIBA U16 Women’s European Championship is a testament to her dedication and skill. We are excited to have her back at DME Academy as she prepares for the upcoming high school season. Her experience on the international stage will undoubtedly elevate her game and inspire her teammates.”

Barnes’ journey from the DME Academy court to representing Turkey at an international tournament exemplifies the exceptional training and development opportunities available to our athletes. It’s not just about honing their skills but also providing them with the exposure and experience needed to compete at the highest level of basketball.

This achievement reflects the collective effort of Lara Barnes, her coaches, and the entire DME Academy community. As she returns to her training regimen at DME Academy, Barnes is set to continue her growth and success, both as an individual player and as an integral part of the elite squad at DME.

DME Academy takes immense pride in our athletes’ achievements, and Lara Barnes’s journey is a shining example of what can be accomplished with determination, dedication, and world-class coaching. DME looks forward to another remarkable season with Barnes and the rest of the very talented High School National squad.

To learn more about how you can become a part of DME Academy’s elite girl’s basketball program, click here.