Specially-Wrapped 41-Seat Bus Will Take DME Student-Athletes to Games in Style

DME Academy is proud to add to our roster, a fully-branded bus, which will serve as the main transportation source for DME student-athletes to and from games and competitions.

“There are no mistaking DME student-athletes when they’re on the field or court,” said Dan Panaggio, co-owner of DME Academy. “Their work ethic and talent speak for themselves, but we also wanted to make sure their presence was felt before the games even started. The project is the result of close collaboration and partnership between DME Academy and IOI Ventures, a Bradenton, Florida-based marketing firm. Panaggio and his staff worked with the team at IOI Ventures to translate their vision into an actionable plan, and IOI took it from there, finding the right bus, developing and designing the brand assets, and sorting out the logistics of getting the bus wrapped.

“This was a project that we needed to get absolutely right,” said Jared Antista, CEO of IOI Ventures. “DME Academy’s reputation and presence in the youth sports arena is growing. You only get one first impression, and we’re excited that we played a small role to help DME’s student-athletes make one heck of a first impression when traveling to competing schools and events.”

Panaggio said that Daytona Beach, Florida residents should be on the lookout for the DME Academy bus throughout the area, and jokingly warned opposing teams to stay on their toes.

“If you see our bus pull into your school’s parking lot, be ready,” he said. “That means that you’re playing against a DME Academy team, and our student-athletes mean business.”

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