Jarvis is new to the DME Academy this year, serving as the new Head Coach for our Boy’s High School Blue Team and the Director of Housing. His smile says it all, and his presence and personality is as big as he is!


  1. He has a twin brother and he is only 5',8 while Jarvis is 6'10. 
  2. He is left-handed but he shoots and does everything with his right hand. 
  3. He can speak Chinese. 
  4. Favorite Sport is actually baseball.
  5. Played professional basketball in China.
  6. He loves to play chess.
  7. Love the WWE - He’s a big wrestling fan. Met the famous wrestler, The Undertaker, at the WWE Monday Night Raw. 
  8. Loves fishing and caught a 15-pound fish before. 
  9. Even though he is 6'10, he is afraid of heights.
  10. In college, he met rapper superstar Lil Wayne.


Coach Jarvis has been an important addition to the team at DME. We asked him about his unique, dual-role on campus, and what he’s looking forward to this season. 

“The Director of Housing role gives me an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with more than just the team I coach. It’s unique to have such a diverse student body and I look forward to learning about all the different nationalities that are represented at DME.”  

Coach Jarvis exemplifies the DME Difference you so often hear us talk about and we look forward to hearing more from him this year. 

Best of luck this season, Coach Jarvis! Interested in learning more about our basketball programs, click here