DME will open the courts up and turn the lights on for free play on Friday nights. Everyone is welcome to come out and play and have some fun. Coach Craig or one of the Beach Coaches will be on the courts to help you work on any skill you would like, or bring your friends and come play until you can’t play anymore!

DME facilities - beach volleyball courts



& Technology

With seven indoor courts, four beach courts, two weight rooms, a spa and recovery facility and audio/visual center for video analysis, DME has a training facility that competes with most collegiate programs. 

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At DME Sports, we offer private lessons to those individual that want to work on specific skills. Private lessons are offered on Friday and Sunday nights between the hours of 5-9pm.  Any coach can offer private lessons, however, you should reach out to them specifically to arrange.You may set up private training which is one on one training or semi-private training which is two on one training with a coach and an athlete(s). The cost of lessons varies by coach from $40-60 an hour.

Contact the coach you'd like your lesson with directly:

Coach Moses*: (440) 376-4514

Coach Alvaro: (786) 252-8753
Emily Bailey: (407) 416-0240
*Contact Coach Moses for a recommendation for a coach that fits your needs.