DME Helps International Student-Athletes Level Up In the Classroom and on the Field.

DME Academy is thrilled to offer English as a Second Language (ESL) courses as a camp add-on this summer. ESL courses are designed to improve academic and professional communication skills for non native English speakers. Our international-students go through an assessment with our Head of School, Anna Gonzalez, prior to their arrival in order to be placed in the correct level. “At DME we don’t only care about creating a great well rounded student-athlete, but also a better person for tomorrow,” Anna says. Anna has been with DME for the last 3 years and holds a PhD in economics and business. 

Campers will have a daily two hour ESL course with weekly themes. Our teachers focus on communication skills,  grammar, vocabulary development, conversation, and test preparation. This program is strongly recommended for international campers that desire to improve their language skills while taking their athleticism to the next level.  

"Summer Prep is an exceptional opportunity for athletes to fine-tune their game and get a jump on the competition.  Summer and the off-season are where champions are made.  This program provides athletes with structure, skill training, and competition within a busy schedule that allows our international athletes to succeed in all aspects on and off the court." - Laura Stegall, DME Athletic Director.

Students who come to DME and take the ESL courses have a leg up on the competition. Each ESL class is personalized to each individual pupil's learning style to maximize their benefit from the program. 


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These are often noncredit classes that teach general speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. The ESL classes are for non-native speakers to help them learn to speak, read, understand, and write in English in a proficient manner. 

The ESL program integrates with our Summer Prep and Multi-week programs. Every week, DME Students will receive 10 hrs. of ESL training on top of their sports and personal development training

No. Our ESL program is under 15 hours each week, which allows international students to participate under a tourist visa.