DME Academy To Visit & Play DME Academy Sarasota, Formerly Next Generation Soccer

NextGen Soccer Vs. DME Academy – April 20th, 2023

Event Details: 

Date: April 20th 

Time: 7:15 PM 

Location: 1370 Gun Club Road, Sarasota, FL 34232

The 04/05/06 Next Generation Soccer Academy team, now DME Academy, Sarasota, will take on the undefeated DME Academy High School National Soccer Team on April 20th in Sarasota. This soccer friendly will kick off the relationship and provide many opportunities for athletes from the Sarasota area. DME entered the Southwest Florida soccer scene last month with the acquisition of Next Generation Soccer Academy, bringing in its coaching philosophy, resources, and pathway opportunities to local athletes. 

In the future, athletes from DME Academy, Sarasota will have the opportunity to earn a “call up” to the main campus and play for the National High School Team as they travel the country for showcase events and games. Additionally, Sarasota athletes can attend camps and clinics in Daytona at discounted rates, as well as participate in our intimate college showcases held on campus. 

Director of Soccer Todd Eason and Head Coach Thales Peterson will be at the event to meet athletes, parents, and Sarasota coaches. “We can’t wait to get there and meet our Sarasota athletes. The future is bright for DME Academy soccer and this is just another step to expanding our program,” says Todd Eason. 

“We are pumped to have Todd and his team visit us here in Sarasota. We share a vision of aligning the programs so that athletes from Sarasota have local, national, and international opportunities via the DME umbrella. This collaboration is a great example of pathways that exist now for Next Gen and future DME players in Sarasota. I can’t wait to see the Next Generation players compete and show off their talent this April,” says Jared Antista, Co-Owner of DME Academy Sarasota. 

Join us on April 20th for a fun-filled soccer night and meet the DME Academy Team!