Two Girls Volleyball Teams Are Headed  the National Championships

This summer, DME Volleyball will make history.

For the first time in their storied history, DME will send two volleyball teams to the Girls’ Junior National Championships, held in Las Vegas, after DME’s 12 Black Team and 15 Black Team qualified for nationals.

“I am so proud of our Girls volleyball players, coaches, and staff,” said Dan Panaggio, owner of DME Academy. “When you look at what those girls fought through to get to this point, it really speaks to the grit, focus, and determination of everyone involved.”

15 Black Team suffered a major blow when their setter went down in the semifinal, but head coach Alvaro Sanchez had faith in his team.

“Our performance wavered a few times, but their resilience did not,” Sanchez said. “I would say we emptied the tank every game. After our setter went down in the semifinal, they could’ve chosen to pout, but these girls kept fighting.”

Dawn Moses, DME’s Director of Indoor Volleyball and head coach of 12 DME Black Team, similarly praised her girls’ performance to reach nationals, highlighting their fight.

“Our team had to battle all weekend to get this bid,” Moses said.  “We had to beat a good team after losing a game 8-25, then we dug a hole against another good team and had to battle back.  The confidence this team gains each time they must work together and fight together for the victory has molded them into a great team.”

Next up for the girls is a trip to the Girls Junior National Championship at the Las Vegas Convention Center. And while there’s plenty of work to do between now and then, Moses is grateful for everyone involved who put in the work to get to this point.

“Without the complete and total support of everyone who contributes, [these teams] would not, could not, be the excellent functioning winning teams we have been privileged to see this year.”

No one can say for sure how things will play out in Las Vegas, but there’s no doubt that both teams will make the fans, friends, and families proud.