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Coaching Style

What makes a good coach? 

At DME Sarasota, a good coach is someone that motivates your athlete through observant, knowledgable, positive, firm, and clear communication. 

Coaching is more than one coach spending a few hours a week on the field with your athlete in a group setting. We get to know your child as a player and a person, on and off the field. Understanding their athletic goals, unique soccer skill sets & weaknesses and personality types allows us to develop them as players and leaders.

DME Sarasota brings a wealth of A- licensed coaches to the table, but it’s a lot more than that to us. Simply put, we build confident, well-rounded, tactically sound, hard-working players. 

In addition to team training, we also introduce one-to-one & small-group coaching as a part of our core curriculum to hone in, reward, and correct elements of their game. We know you’re all paying for those personal lessons on the side. If at any point, you believe that your athlete needs additional training beyond our efforts at DME South, we’ve failed you as a program. 

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