DME Academy Girls’ High School Basketball Rockets into the Top 10

Latest ESPN Poll Puts the Team at #6 in the Country

Whether on the court, in the classroom, or in daily life, hard work and never giving up always pay off. These guiding principles have helped propel the DME Academy Girls’ High School Basketball program to 8th in the country, according to a recent ESPN article. 

A recent, hard fought victory over Lake Highland, previously ranked 7th, rocketed them into the top 10. The combination of Chloe Kitts leading the charge with 20 points, and Amiya Evans scoring 15 points, drove the offense in this ‘nail-biter’ that saw DME pull out a tight 49 to 48 victory. This was unusual territory for DME as they trailed at halftime, for the first time all season long, but rallied together; earning an enormous road victory in Orlando, Florida. DME’s head coach, Wesley Arocho, credited the second half comeback to the defense, moments after the huge victory. Arocho went on to state “we did a better job guarding their shooters and picked up our energy on defense”. With a perfect record thus far, the DME Academy Girls’ High School Basketball squad is showcasing their ability to play fundamentally sound, confident and aggressive basketball. 

Chosen as a pre-season favorite to compete for the championship, the DME Academy Girls’ High School Basketball program has consistently been a top-tier team, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The nationally admired program success is due in large part to Dan Panaggio and his previous NBA coaching experience. Dan and his staff have uniquely formed a core foundation of community; mentoring and encouraging DME student-athletes to be the best version of themselves. No matter if it is in the classroom, weight room, or on the court, the DME Academy Girls’ High School Basketball team is committed to excellence. 

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