Keegan and Kris Murray stop by DME Academy’s Summer Prep Camp

It’s not every day that a pair of NBA prospects show up to summer camp, but then again, DME Academy’s Summer Prep isn’t your everyday summer camp – it’s an elite training program that was purpose built to help athletes shed the off season rust. 

So when DME alumni Keegan and Kris Murray were on campus for their jersey retirement ceremony, campers were more than happy to share the court with them. Keegan, the 4th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, and his twin brother Kris, a cornerstone of the Iowa Hawkeyes’ men’s basketball program, led an impromptu coaching session, participated in shootaround, and of course left plenty of time for photo ops and autograph signings. 


Athletes in attendance at the month-long, sleep-away Summer Prep Camp have full access to DME Academy’s state of the art facilities, including the 4,700 square foot field house, two full-size NBA courts, five youth courts, performance center, and athletic training rooms. Not to mention the close proximity to Daytona Beach allows for beach workouts under the Florida sun and plenty of team building activities like a fun night at Dave & Buster’s, a bowling trip and game nights in the dorm’s rec hall.


Monday through Friday, campers adhered to a rigorous training schedule that focuses on developing skills, strength, endurance, and basketball IQ. Here’s what a typical day in the life looks like: 

The grind doesn’t stop on the weekends. Throughout the course of the summer, DME Academy competed in three tournaments across the state of Florida, including the Battle at the Big House, and a tournament at Mainland High School. In addition to these tournaments, DME Academy hosted an exhibition game against the Bulleen Boomers from Australia. Many of the campers come from all around the world. 

At the end of the program, the campers received a personalized report card from the coaching staff. The transcript contains their stats, strengths, weaknesses and a personalized highlight reel so athletes leave camp knowing exactly what to work on throughout the remainder of the off season. An added bonus of the Summer Prep Camp is the media day, which provides athletes with professionally shot photos in order to enhance their presence on social media channels and recruiting platforms.  

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Lloy Ball and DME Academy Sell Out Summer Volleyball Camp

American volleyball star brings his knowledge to the courts at DME Academy

More than 90 girls had been patiently waiting all year long for July 17th to roll around. When it finally came, they were treated to a week-long volleyball camp with one of the most decorated players in U.S. history. DME Academy hosted a summer training camp for middle school and high school aged volleyball players with special guest, Lloy Ball. 

Ball was a member of the American national team from 1993 to 2008 and participated in the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, Sydney in 2000 and Athens in 2004. He holds a gold medal for his efforts in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where team USA took the top spot.

 “When Laura [Stegall] asked me to come and run this volleyball camp this week, I was very intrigued because I believe this is the new model for our country, which is what the rest of the world has been doing for decades,”said Ball. “Putting our young student athletes in a position to train at the highest level while of course encouraging the academic side of it. DME has great facilities, has great leadership and has great coaches. And I have no doubt over time. They will continue to turn out great student athletes that not only have great careers here at the academy, but at the next level as well.”


Over the course of six days, Ball took his many years of professional volleyball experience and passed it down to the next generation of star athletes. The camp held many training sessions, team building activities and an ample amount of opportunities for the girls to experience ‘The World’s Most Famous Beach’ including a sunset trip down to the boardwalk.


With more than 12 training sessions, the girls were able to work on every skill from setting, communication, passing, spiking, blocking, digging and serving. Monday through Friday, the campers followed a detailed schedule that focused on their skills on the court and team-building activities off the court. A sample day in a DME volleyball camp looks like this…

“My passing has greatly improved after attending the camp at DME,” said Danny Bell, who traveled from California to attend the camp. “It was amazing to be coached by a former USA Olympian who won a gold medal. At the end of the camp after hearing his end speech, I was incredibly inspired and it hit me, I was just trained by a former Olympian”

Along with honing their skills on the volleyball court, the 90-plus girls walked away with a great experience and many new friends. At DME, we think it is important to try our best and get better at what we came to do, but to also have a good time doing it. 

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5 Reasons You Need to Attend DME Academy Sports Camps

Sports camps at DME Academy are no run of the mill summer camp. These week-long training sessions were purposely built for athletes who want to get the most out of their off season. Athletes that attend DME Academy sports camps are focused on pushing their limits, honing their craft, and becoming the best athlete that they can be.

Does that sound like you? If so, keep reading to find the 5 reasons sports camps at DME Academy are the best way to take your game to the next level.


The coaches at DME Academy sports camps are second to none. Our coaching roster is loaded with former NCAA talent, professional athletes, and program directors who each have enough accolades to fill their own trophy case. The best part? They’re all members of our DME family, which means that this summer is the perfect chance to introduce yourself if you want to play for DME Academy in the future.

Personalized Development

Our coaches know better than anyone that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to coaching, which is why DME sports camps offer an individualized approach to help campers level up their game. We focus on maximizing each athlete’s potential through sport specific instruction and one-on-one attention.


Athletes at DME Academy sports camps have full access to our state of the art facilities. The 47,00 square foot field house boasts 2 full NBA courts, 5 youth courts, 7 regulation volleyball courts, a performance center, athletic training rooms, and a spa. Not to mention our 4 beach volleyball courts, 60x40 turf field, and outdoor basketball court, which are perfect for training under that Florida sun.

Competitive Environment 

Athletes travel to DME academy to level up their game and become the best they can be. The competitive environment extends from the court and the field, to the dining hall and the dorm room. Our brand new 18,000 square foot dormitory sleeps 80 campers, plus it features two fully loaded student lounges and a learning center so campers can remain focused on one thing: stepping up their game.

Location, location, location

Turn your trip to camp into a vacation for the whole family! Our facilities are located just 10 minutes away from some of the most famous beaches in America. Daytona Beach has hard packed sand famous for being able to drive on, a boardwalk filled with fun games and rides, concert venues, and Daytona Lagoon waterpark.

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Nation’s Leading Youth Soccer Club Will Host the Inaugural Development Camp at DME Academy, August 4th-7th, 2021

Surf Soccer, one of the country’s leading youth soccer clubs, will host a residential camp from August 4th-7th at DME Academy for its elite Surf Select squad. The best Surf players from across the country will come together for this unique experience at DME Academy. As part of the partnership, DME Academy will offer up its top-of-the-line facilities, dormitories, fields, equipment, and support staff.

“This really is a partnership between two of the best,” said Dan Panaggio, co-owner of DME Academy. “Surf Soccer’s athletes and programs are first-class in youth soccer, and we’re excited that we’ll have the chance to host the best of the best from around the country.”

The camp, designed for athletes ages 9-11, will feature the top players from Surf Soccer clubs from around the country. Athletes will have the opportunity to train, learn, and expand their skills in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida. For four days, they’ll work with Surf Select coaches, participate in technical and educational drills, strategy sessions, and face off against local competition, all at DME Academy’s legendary campus.

“Every player and coach at every Surf club commits to excellence,” said Tommaso Trevisan, Program Director. “DME Academy’s fields, equipment, staff, and coaches are nothing short of outstanding. We’re thrilled to give our players such an experience in a top-notch facility.

To learn more about Surf Select Summer camp, and if you’re interested in attending, read more here.