The evolution of sports-focused education has increased its appeal amongst College coaches and Professional scouts. A deepened focus on a holistic approach to personal development has changed the recruiting landscape by preparing high level student-athletes to succeed at the next level. This developing model has produced some of the most recognizable student-athletes in today’s sports. While combining a purposefully academic schedule with a concentration on athletic preparation, student-athletes will now attain the utensils to achieve their personal goals. They will also possess a favorable appeal to all collegiate and professional levels.  The experiences and resources that academies provide, will only ensure a greater athlete experience, a pathway towards college eligibility and acceptance while also cultivating personal development. 

As the new Director of Athletics and former Director of Soccer, Todd Eason looks to implement a platform within the athletic department that has proven success. The Men’s and Women’s soccer teams have gained recognition on and off the field with the influences that Mr. Eason has implemented. The approach that Eason uses incorporates transparency, accountability and consistency, while facing extreme daily challenges. These three pillars have helped players establish sustained success while creating habits towards personal growth. Holding student-athletes to a higher standard off the playing court/field has allowed individuals to understand the importance of personal values and discipline. Furthermore, Eason’s commitment towards consistency throughout this process has shown his own discipline in valuing person over athlete.  

With an understanding and experience in all levels of soccer, Eason’s team culture has provided various paths for his student-athletes and is now the foundation which he leads. His new role as Athletic Director will now provide him the opportunity to share his philosophy across the department and help influence a school identity that will help all programs find success.  

Daytona, Fla. (Feb. 27, 2024) -The Eighth Annual Basketball Without Borders (BWB) Global Camp, held during the NBA All-Star 2024 Weekend, showcased the talents of emerging young prospects from around the world. Among the 40 high school-aged participants from 22 countries and territories were two standout players from DME Academy: Savos Drezgic of Serbia and Moustapha Thiam from Senegal. 

Savos Drezgic distinguished himself on the court, earning a coveted spot on the BWB Global Camp Boys All-Star Team. His exceptional performance across various camp activities, from games to skills sessions, earned him well-deserved recognition. Drezgic has attracted attention from prestigious universities, receiving scholarship offers from California, Arizona State, South Florida, and Stanford while Moustapha Thiam has committed to UCF Knights.

The participation of Drezgic and Thiam underscores DME Academy’s commitment to providing its athletes with opportunities to compete at the highest levels and gain exposure on the international stage. Their success at the camp serves as a testament to their dedication, hard work, and the quality of training they receive at DME.

As DME Academy continues to nurture talent and ambition in young athletes, the achievements of Drezgic and Thiam stand as inspiring examples. Congratulations to both players for their outstanding performances and for representing DME Academy with distinction. If you’re inspired by their success and want to explore the opportunities offered by DME Academy, visit our website for more information visit our Admissions Page for more information

Daytona Beach, FL – In a landmark achievement for DME Academy’s boys’ basketball program, Director Matt Panaggio recently celebrated his 100th career win, a testament to his dedication and innovative coaching methods. Under Panaggio’s guidance, the academy has not only seen significant victories on the court but also substantial player development, contributing to the sport on a global scale.

Reflecting on this milestone, Panaggio shared, “Reaching 100 wins is a collective achievement that speaks volumes about our commitment at DME Academy. It’s about the hard work the players put in every day and the support from our entire coaching staff and the academy. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited for the future.”

The DME Academy basketball program, under Panaggio’s leadership, emphasizes not just athletic excellence but holistic development. This approach has prepared students for success both on and off the court, embodying the academy’s philosophy of building a foundation for life through sports.

Looking ahead, Panaggio is focused on continuing to elevate the program. “Our goal is always to improve, to challenge our limits, and to keep contributing positively to the lives of our student-athletes,” he stated, underscoring his vision for DME Academy’s future.

As Matt Panaggio celebrates this significant achievement, it’s clear that his influence extends far beyond the 100 wins. Through his leadership, DME Academy is setting a standard for excellence in youth basketball development, preparing the next generation of athletes for success in sports and life.

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DAYTONA, FLA. – DME Academy, a premier institution committed to excellence in sports and education, is thrilled to announce significant leadership changes within its athletic programs, effective immediately.

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These transitions reflect DME’s dedication to fostering talent, achieving success, and maintaining a culture of excellence.

Todd Eason: Director of Athletics

Todd Eason, previously serving as the Director of Soccer, will now take on the role of Director of Athletics. With his communication skills, in-depth knowledge of DME operations, and unwavering commitment to success, Todd is poised to bring a new level of leadership to our athletic programs.

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Thales Peterson: Director of Boys Soccer

Thales Peterson, transitioning from Boys Soccer Head Coach, has made a significant impact since joining DME in the summer of 2023. His leadership has not only elevated the boys’ and girls’ programs on the pitch but has also instilled a culture of excellence and mental resilience. Peterson’s dedication to holistic player development aligns seamlessly with DME Academy’s values.

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Kioki Hutchings: Director of Girls Soccer

Kioki Hutchings, previously the Assistant Soccer Coach, will now take on the role of Director of Girls Soccer. Hutchings’ unwavering dedication to the success and development of DME soccer players has set him apart. His positive attitude, coaching style, ability to connect with athletes, and connections to clubs and organizations within the sport make him a valuable asset to DME.

Dan Panaggio, Co-founder of DME Academy, expressed his confidence in the leadership transitions, stating, “We are excited about the future of our sports programs under the guidance of these exceptional leaders. Todd, Thales, and Kioki have already proven their commitment to excellence, and we look forward to witnessing the continued success and development of our athletes under their leadership.”

DME Academy invites the community, stakeholders, and supporters to join in congratulating Todd Eason, Thales Peterson, and Kioki Hutchings on their new roles.

As the weekend approaches, DME Academy is gearing up to host an exhilarating lineup of sports events that promise excitement, skill, and fierce competition on their campus in Daytona Beach, Florida. From basketball showdowns to soccer showcases, DME is set to be the epicenter of sports action from Friday, January 12, to Monday, January 15.

The Grind Session Daytona: Elevating High School Basketball on a Global Stage

Kicking off the weekend on Friday, January 12, is The Grind Session Daytona, part of an international winter circuit showcasing elite high school basketball talent. Teams from across the nation and Canada, including powerhouses like DME Academy, Dream City Christian, Fort Erie International Academy, DME Wisconsin, and Utah Prep, will compete in a thrilling display of skill and highlight reel-worthy play. The women’s schedule features equally impressive teams, such as DME Academy, Bella Vista Prep, Elite Prep, and Academy of Central Florida.

The Grind Session’s choice to host one of their premier events at DME reflects the institution’s commitment to excellence. Matt Panaggio, Director of Men’s Basketball at DME, expressed his excitement, stating, “We are honored to be selected as a host site for The Grind Session. It is a testament to the world-class facilities, elite standard, and the competitive culture that defines DME Academy.”

The full event schedule can be found on DME’s instagram. For family, friends and fans who cannot attend The Grind Session Daytona in person, games will be livestreamed on Tanager Sports TV.

DME MLK Classic: A Stage for Elite Post-Grad Men’s Basketball

Simultaneously, the DME MLK Classic will unfold from Saturday, January 13, to Monday, January 15, featuring a men’s basketball tournament that brings together formidable post-graduate teams. Teams in attendance include DME Academy, Academy of Central Florida, IMG Academy, Prestige, Dawg Sports Academy, Star Athlete, and The International Sports Academy. Fans can check out the schedule for Saturday by clicking here, and follow along for updates as the bracket is updated.

Battle at the Beach: A High Exposure Boys Soccer Showcase

Adding a different dimension to the weekend, Battle at the Beach takes place on Saturday, January 13, and Sunday, January 14. This boys’ soccer showcase, set against the backdrop of DME’s pristine turf soccer pitch, welcomes numerous college coaches to campus from esteemed institutions like Newberry College, Georgia Gwinnett College, the University of North Florida, Embry-Riddle, and more.

Teams including DME Academy, DME Sarasota, the Academy of Central Florida, and IdeaSport Soccer Academy will engage in intense competition, providing an intimate, high-exposure event for the U19 players. This showcase underscores DME Academy’s dedication to nurturing talent and providing a platform for players to shine. To watch the action in person, family, friends and fans can view the schedule here.

Beyond the exciting lineup of events, DME Academy offers state-of-the-art athletic facilities that contribute to the overall experience. Nestled in the picturesque location of Daytona Beach, attendees can enjoy not only top-tier sports but also the beautiful, vibrant city. DME’s commitment to elite athletics ensures that each event is not just a competition but an opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills and for spectators to witness sports at its finest.

As the weekend unfolds, DME invites sports enthusiasts, families, and the community to join in the excitement, support the athletes, and be part of an unforgettable weekend filled with passion, skill, and camaraderie.

Follow DME Academy on Instagram for event schedules, updates, and highlights throughout the weekend.

To view all upcoming events at DME Academy, click here.

DME Academy proudly highlights Pedro Baptista Teixeira, a standout men’s basketball player on the High School Blue team. Recently, Pedro achieved a significant milestone by securing an interview with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) admissions team. This accomplishment not only reflects Pedro’s individual excellence but also underscores DME Academy’s commitment to preparing students for success, both academically and athletically.

Pedro, the point guard for the High School Blue basketball team, embodies the qualities that define a DME Academy student-athlete. Described as extremely driven, highly intelligent, and an outstanding person by teachers and coaches, Pedro excels not only on the court but also in the classroom. His commitment to a challenging course load, including dual enrollment and advanced placement (AP) classes in math and science, showcases his dedication to academic excellence. 

Infinitum Sports, a consulting agency dedicated to supporting international talent, recognized Pedro’s great potential and assisted with his recruitment to DME. Hailing from Portugal, Pedro’s journey to the High School Blue team brings a global perspective to the academy, further enriching the institution’s cultural diversity. Beyond being a talented athlete, Pedro’s accomplishments transcend borders, exemplifying his commitment to personal growth and success.

Even with his responsibilities in the classroom and on the court, Pedro has demonstrated extraordinary commitment by finding time to help tutor classmates and serve as a translator for Portuguese-speaking students whose English is still developing. In short, he epitomizes what DME Academy looks for in a student—someone who not only excels academically and athletically but also contributes to the supportive community ethos.

The MIT admissions process, known for its rigor, included a personal interview conducted over a Zoom call. Pedro, in collaboration with Dave Swebilius, DME Academy’s College & Career Advisor, meticulously prepared for this crucial step. His extensive research into MIT’s website, student newspaper, and student experiences reflects not only Pedro’s determination but also his passion for articulating why MIT is the ideal destination for his academic aspirations.

A unique dimension is added to Pedro’s journey with his familial connection to MIT—his father being an MIT alumnus. This connection underscores the continuation of a legacy and exemplifies Pedro’s aspirations to follow in his family’s footsteps by pursuing academic excellence at a renowned institution.

As Pedro, his family, and the entire DME Community eagerly await MIT’s decision, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. Dave Swebilius stated, “Pedro’s opportunities show what can happen when one recognizes their talents and puts in the hard work to achieve their goals.”

Pedro’s story is a shining example of DME Academy’s commitment to preparing students for success both on and off the court. If you’re inspired by Pedro’s journey and want to explore the opportunities DME Academy offers, visit our Admissions Page for more information.

Savo Drezgić, one of the youngest players on a Euroleague roster and recent ABA League champion with BC Partizan, is approaching a major shift in his basketball career. A 5-star recruit, acknowledged for his on-court proficiency and maturity, Drezgić is set to join the competitive roster at DME Academy in Florida this January, marking a substantial transition from European to American basketball.

Athlete+, a consulting agency dedicated to supporting international talent within the U.S. high school and university system, has facilitated Drezgić’s move to DME Academy positions him as a top prospect for NCAA and NBA scouts.

“Savo has played at the highest levels in Europe, and now he will get the chance to play against the best competition here in the USA. He’s a very talented player and comes from a great family. He and his brother Lazar will be great additions to DME Academy, and we are very excited to see what the future holds for them here at DME!”, said Matt Panaggio, Director of Men’s Basketball at DME Academy.

Drezgić’s transition from Euroleague to US basketball system signifies an opportunity to develop new skills, experience diverse coaching philosophies, and face top level opponents of his age while bringing new energy to DME team.

DME Academy, recognized for nurturing young talent and producing top NBA & NCAA players such as Keegan and Kris Murray, offers an ideal setting for Drezgić’s seamless transition. The academy’s commitment to academic and athletic development aligns with Drezgić’s aspirations, promising a transformative experience both on and off the court.

Expressing his excitement, Drezgić stated, “Partizan is my home and it provided me with invaluable experiences, but joining DME Academy brings an exciting new challenge. The shift from European to American basketball is a significant step for me, and I’m eager to learn, adapt, and contribute. This move isn’t just about elevating my game; it’s about creating new possibilities for my future.”

As Drezgić embarks on this basketball transition, the global sports community observes with anticipation. Beyond a change in scenery, his move to DME Academy symbolizes a pivotal moment in his promising career—a journey that transcends borders and underscores the unifying power of the sport on a global scale.

To learn more about DME Academy’s prestigious men’s basketball program, click here.

In the scorching heat of Daytona, a teenage sensation named Yan Diomande emerged from the shadows. Diomande has left a mark on every game he’s played across friendlies against top soccer academies, in some of the best collegiate showcase events in the country, and even in the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL). In just his second year at DME Academy, Diomande’s rise is captivating the soccer world as he stands out from the crowd in all matches played helping the team to two undefeated seasons thus far. 

Diomande burst onto the scene, displaying a level of skill and maturity beyond his years. The Ivory Coast U17 Forward became the driving force behind DME Academy’s National High School team, most recently going undefeated and winning the top bracket of the Tampa Bay Super Cup. He was the leading scorer across all teams in the event which featured MLS, and ECNL teams alike. In summer play, he guests for AS Frenzi’s, culminating in a 2-1 triumph over Sporting Wichita in the UPSL championship match. Diomande’s remarkable feat included scoring both goals in the final, solidifying his status as a rising star. Most recently, he was named among the 23 male players that dominated 2023 by Top Drawer Soccer.

What sets Diomande apart is his dominance on the pitch. Cool, calm, and collected he lulls the defense to sleep and then burns them in a flash. He leads the team (and the entire league in goals), consistently finding the back of the net with precision and flair. His exceptional  USPL performance was rewarded with the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, a testament to his impact on the pitch.

Yan Diomande’s journey to stardom is not only defined by statistics but also by a series of skillful moments that captivated fans across social media. His extraordinary goals, dazzling dribbles, and clever assists quickly went viral on social media, earning him admirers from around the globe. Diomande’s highlight reel became a showcase of raw talent and footballing intelligence, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next move and garnishing millions of views.

Off the pitch, he is a student-athlete with exceptional character. He is kind to all teammates, and DME athletes across both Daytona and Sarasota, and an excellent role model for the younger generation. Everyone loves Dio. “ On the field his change of direction is impressive. His vision to find passes is unbelievable and showcases passes that only he can see. Off the field, he is humble, respectful, and acts like an older brother to younger athletes.” Coach Thales, DME Academy 

It comes as no surprise that Yan Diomande’s exceptional performances attracted the attention of Major League Soccer (MLS) and European clubs. The teenager has star potential written all over him, and no doubt will land a pro contract with the same humble attitude that he represents daily on campus. 

Diomande’s play is a testament to the power of raw talent and determination. He has demonstrated that age is no barrier to success and has dominated every level of play put before him. As he stands on the precipice of a professional career, soccer enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued rise of this remarkable young talent from DME Academy.

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In a historic performance on Saturday night, former DME Academy standout Keegan Murray left an indelible mark on the NBA, guiding the Sacramento Kings to a resounding 125-104 victory over the Utah Jazz. Breaking multiple franchise records, Murray showcased his prowess by making an astounding 12 three-pointers, including an NBA-record 11 consecutive shots, while amassing a career-high 47 points.

Murray’s remarkable shooting spree fell just two three-pointers short of the league record set by Klay Thompson in 2018. The second-year forward’s stellar performance was not only a personal best but also etched his name in the Kings’ record books. Scoring 26 points in the third quarter alone, Murray surpassed Mitch Richmond’s franchise record of 25 points in a quarter, a mark that had stood since 1995.

Kings coach Mike Brown lauded Murray’s exceptional play, emphasizing the unforced nature of his record-breaking performance. Brown told ESPN, “I thought Keegan was playing the right way. There was nothing really forced. Our guys didn’t really force anything to him. They just hit him when he was open.” Murray’s ability to seamlessly integrate into the team’s strategy and capitalize on open opportunities contributed significantly to the Kings’ success.

Murray’s heroics were complemented by the Kings’ outstanding three-point shooting throughout the game. The team finished the night with 22 three-pointers, marking the third time this season that Sacramento made at least 20 treys. 

Reflecting on his incredible third quarter, Murray likened it to his college days, stating, “It kind of reminded me of my last year in college. I’d get hot and I would just black out for a little bit, and so everything would just go in. That’s kind of what happened in the third quarter.” Murray’s ability to enter a zone where every shot seemed destined for success left fans and teammates alike in awe.

Despite the Jazz’s efforts, Murray’s offensive onslaught proved insurmountable. Jazz coach Will Hardy acknowledged Murray’s exceptional performance, noting, “Keegan never let us off the hook. Every time you make a mistake, he makes the shot.” Hardy recognized Murray’s status as a rising star and commended his skills, acknowledging that it was one of those extraordinary nights that define a player’s career.

Keegan Murray’s historic night stands as a testament to the talent developed at DME Academy. As an alumnus, Murray continues to make waves in the NBA, leaving an indelible mark on the Sacramento Kings and etching his name in the league’s record books. The basketball world eagerly anticipates more stellar performances from this young and promising athlete.

To learn more about DME Academy’s world-class men’s basketball program, click here.

Get ready for three days of thrilling basketball action as DME Academy presents the 4th Annual Jingle Jam tournament in Daytona Beach, Florida. From December 14 to 16, the state-of-the-art basketball facility at DME Academy will come alive with the skills and determination of some of the finest girls’ teams from across the nation. 

National Teams Converge

Teams from various corners of the country will converge in Daytona Beach for a basketball spectacle like no other. Among the participating teams are powerhouses such as Example Academy (IL), Hamilton Heights (TN), Life Prep (KS), Link Academy (MO) and Recruiting Boost, all the way from Australia. The competition promises to be fierce, with each team vying for glory and showcasing their skills on the meticulously maintained courts.

DME Academy’s Dominance

DME Academy is not just the host but also a formidable contender in the Jingle Jam tournament. The academy boasts two teams in the competition: Prep and National. The National team, currently ranked 8th in the country by ESPN, is a force to be reckoned with. Comprising a roster of exceptional talent, this team has multiple players heading to top-tier college programs next year.

Key Players to Watch

Olivia Schmitt: A small but mighty point guard, Schmitt is set to take her talents to Syracuse University next year. Her agility and court vision make her a standout player to watch during the tournament.

Keira Scott: Standing at an impressive 6’2″, Scott, ranked 97th in the nation by ESPN and also heading to the Orange next year, brings versatility to the wing position. Her skills on both ends of the court make her a key player for DME Academy.

Tabitha Betson: Hailing from Australia, Betson is a 6’2″ forward with an ESPN ranking of 80. She is a strong, selfless player who is committed to playing basketball for Colorado next year.

Tahj Bloom: With an ESPN ranking of 38, Bloom is a strong, scoring machine. This 6’3″ power forward is set to play for Mississippi State University next year.

Ines Goryanova: Ranked 71st by ESPN, Goryanova, a point guard from Bulgaria, is committed to Baylor. Her skills and athleticism make her a dynamic presence on the courts.

Witness the Action

For basketball enthusiasts and casual fans alike, the Jingle Jam tournament offers a chance to witness top-tier talent and exciting matchups. If you’re in the Daytona Beach area, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere in person. Tickets are available at the door for $10 per day. For anyone who can’t be at Jingle Jam in person, all league games will be live streamed on YouTube Live. Fans can find the full schedule here and should follow DME Girls Basketball on Instagram and Twitter for tournament updates.

The Jingle Jam tournament is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of basketball excellence. Join us as DME Academy and teams from across the nation showcase the true spirit of the game on these hallowed courts. 

To learn more about DME Academy’s nationally-ranked girls basketball program, click here.