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DME Academy Sarasota, proud owners of Next Generation Soccer Academy are currently searching for the next generation of aspiring soccer athletes. Male & female athletes, aged 7-18 are welcome to join our training and tournament experience teams that kick off in early May and run throughout the year.

With a unique training model, a community of like-minded & invested families, and player pathways that exist - DME Sarasota Soccer is on the rise.

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May 1-6 - after form submission - you'll be redirected to the event breakdown by time, date, and age group. 

Get on the private list here! For players that cant make the traditional events and or demand more privacy.  May 1-4 3:30-5:00 PM 

On March 29th at 8:30 PM, we will host a webinar and share information for our upcoming season. Register here.

Throughout March & April, we are running free fitness and futsal training at Lakewood Ranch High School. Pick your date (fill out the form) and learn more here

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During our inaugural '22 season, both our 2010b and 2012g teams displayed skill and sportsmanship on our way to six tournament victories.








CHampionship TROPHY CASE

'23 Season

Upcoming Schedule

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tentative schedule - details to follow 

Coaches & Staff

Jared Antista GM
Thales Peterson Head Soccer Coach Daytona
Jake Provan Strategic Soccer Advisor
Scott Morgenroth A Licensed Coach & GK Specialist
Tonio Paternostro A Licensed Coach & Technical Trainer
Cassie Barbaresi Guest Coach and Trainer
Tommaso Trevisan International Academy Lead - Italy, Spain, UK

More names dropping soon!

Impact Coaches Needed!

We're on the search for a select few coaches that can positively impact athletes both on and off the field of play. "A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life." We're searching for the latter. 

Balance & Support

It takes a lot of time and effort to coach. That's why we offer a unique opportunity for quality, impact coaches.

Some of the benefits include: 

Year-round pay

2-3 weekends back to you per month - because you have a life outside of youth soccer

Coaching Cares Rewards 

Coaching Pathways  


While we prioritize dedicated, full-time players, we DO welcome summer-only, guest playing and part-time players as well. Our schedule is robust and requires a decent level of travel, so we leave some albeit limited options in this regard. 

Please fill out the form on the bottom of the page for a training session evaluation. 

Learn more about our partner pathways and college placement services here!

Full-Time Program:

$1275 U10 - 

$2175/Yr U11+ 

As a full-time "club" member, your on and off-the-field training regimen is covered in full. 

Tournament fees will be divided by the number of players. Fundraising will exist to lower this cost upon team designation.

We offer discounts to families with multiple players and referral discounts for players that come because of you and your athlete! $100 per athlete. 

Lastly, each player will receive a player page on our website with links to any fundraising that you choose to do for your player! 

Preferred Tournament Pool Access:


If you would like to be in our preferred tournament guest pool, we reserve 2-3 spots per squad. This preferred tournament roster guarantees your athlete can join our team should the need arise throughout the year with the first crack at joining the roster.

One-Off Tournament Entry:

$150-$175 range

While we don't expect many opportunities here in 2023, they can happen. In this case, you are responsible for small fees that include: 

  • player card 
  • uniform 
  • tournament fee/splint in accordance with the number of players 

 Please fill out the form to discuss your athlete's involvement with our team.

Trials & Tryouts will begin in May of 2023. Get on our radar at the form below. 

We've teamed up with specialists in nutrition, physical training, and mental conditioning coaches to keep our team functioning at the optimal level. 

Training will take place in Lakewood Ranch Florida. 


The landscape of youth soccer and especially young girl’s soccer is full of mediocrity. Players are not challenged or held accountable. Technical coaching usually misses 1 or 2 of the main coaching points. Worst of all, players are often praised when they play at 60% speed.

This is not DME. Players are empowered with the important technical details to play at speed and are held accountable to each other. They are taught how to win and given the skills (mental, physical, tactical & technical) that will be the foundation of their future success

DME Coaches don’t coach to who the players are, they coach to who the players can be creating an athlete that dominates their competition.

Scott & Melanie M


DME has provided a pathway for dedicated players/parents to participate in both local Florida and out-of-state competitive tournament experiences and supplemental training. The DME solution acts as a wrap-around to traditional club soccer. For our U10/11 girls, these added experiences over the past several months have been beneficial for player growth and development, particularly in the off-season.
Whether it is Maine, Orlando, or Lakewood Ranch, DME has established a culture of winning. I find that the kid’s feedback is one of the best barometers of success. My report back to DME is to keep up the good work.

Peter R


DME is the perfect supplement to our daughter’s competitive team training. The coaches are all in—not only when it comes to competing, but also when striking the perfect balance of fun too with things like team outings and even customized warm-up music that each player hand selected.  You feel part of something pretty special.

Alicia K


Although we are part of a competitive club, DME has allowed our players the opportunity to train and play at a higher level. The coaches are dedicated to player development both on and off the field. We feel very fortunate to be part of the DME family.

Dan & Jolene S


DME has been instrumental in allowing athletes to shine while still teaching them every aspect of the game. The coaches push players to be their very best while motivating them along the way. Very unique academy!

Kendra B


DME creates teams with the right mix of talent to maximize winning potential. It has been a great program to be a part of, coaches are always motivating players and provide detailed post-game recaps!

Jenny M


Jared and DME have shown dedication to our team that goes above and beyond. Bianca has learned so much more than a regular coach in a regular season. Just tough enough to excel to maximum potential - which is such an art in coaching youth!

Tricia A


Having you both (Jared & Scott) as coaches is a matter of privilege for us. You are unique motivators and we are proud to say that thanks to you; every girl on our team is a true team player.

Yaneth H


DME is a wonderful program run by coaches who truly love what they do! It has strengthened both my son's and daughter's physical capabilities, including endurance and technical training. It also has increased their soccer IQ and passion for the sport. DME has been great for our soccer family!

Amber & Darryl P


Want to Play With


Coaching Methodology

Competitive & Committed Culture



Pathways & Recruitment

For Full-time Athletes (2012 & Older)

Sample Curriculum

A good curriculum educates players and families on the expectations of our program and what they can expect from us in terms of training, gameplay, and commitment level needed. It shares insights into our style of play & principles of play so that alignment is achieved. Because soccer is fluid and ever-changing, we must be flexible and adaptable to situations. Our coaches adapt in training and games to achieve success, but our core principles and style remain intact.



We'll train with your athlete for more than 336 hours over the course of the year!


Tactical & Team Training

Two 2 hr. sessions/week On-The-Field tactical/team play 


Technical Training

Two 1 hr. Sessions/month 


Sports Performance Training

Two 2 hr. sessions/month


Classroom & Edu

Two 1 hr. sessions/month


Competitive Tournament Games

per month



per month



We play year long with strategic breaks for mental and physical rest. That said, games matter and we focus on game action. 

Did you know that most competitive clubs play between 15-35 games per year? 

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